Player Profile: xspiritsama
Season 1 winner xspiritsama opens up his files in a short interview with our editors!

Ouzzeme Mohamed Amine is one of the leading players in ESL Africa Championship Season 2 and also the winner of the first season. The 27 years old Algerian started playing the game two years ago with the goal to prove to everyone that it requires not only luck but also skills. He has participated in many tournaments, some of which are WESG, North Africa Cyber League and Alfa & Koala Club. Earlier this year,  xspiritsama managed to win the first season of ESL African Championship and the prize of $2280.

This tournament remains the most memorable moment for him. He states that he will continue to play and train for bigger tournaments in the future, and he hopes that the African players will one day manage to get to the world stage to show their skills. During his short interview, xspiritsama expressed his opinion that the African Championship helps players in the region to develop and progress further into the competitive Hearthstone scene.