Welcoming back CS:GO for another season!

Welcoming back CS:GO for another season!

After a thrilling season one of the year, we’re excited to welcome back Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to its seventh season of the ESL AU&NZ Championship!

Last season, we introduced the expansion of an eight-team league to a sixteen-team league, and we’re not looking back from here. Continuing in season two, the league will feature a sixteen-team league, where teams will be split into two groups of eight, facing off against their opponents over two maps per matchday.

With ten teams out of the initial sixteen having confirmed their attendance into season two, this leaves six slots open into this season of the program, and currently, there’s two ways for teams to gain access to these slots.

  • Firstly, two teams will directly be invited to season two of the ESL AU&NZ Championship 2018, based on team performance and results in the region. This will be announced prior to the open qualifiers.
  • Secondly, you guessed it! The remaining four slots will be found via two separate online qualifiers, held throughout the next few weeks.


Registration Links:


At the end of the season, the top four teams from each group will advance to the offline finals later in the year where eight teams will compete in front of a live audience to determine who will win the lion’s share of the $20,000AUD prize pool. The season officially begins on August 1 - see you then! 

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