Releasing the wildcard information for the eighth direct invite!

Releasing the wildcard information for the eighth direct invite!

With the start of the open qualifiers for the ESL AU&NZ Championship Season 8 for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive being only one day away, what better time to release information about the final direct invitation than the present!?

With this final invite, we have decided to mix things up a little and convert the slot into a wildcard invitation - being decided after the online qualifiers have completed. This invitation will be a subjective choice made by the tournament administration, and will only factor in teams who have competed in - but not qualified through - the open qualifiers.

The tournament administration will measure up their performance, skill, potential, interest, and expected longevity in their decision. The goal of this wildcard is to find a team who performed well in the open qualifiers, but didn't clinch a qualification placement. Please note that even if you are the next placing team, this does not guarantee you to be the most eligible for this qualification.

For more information about Season 8 of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive for the ESL AU&NZ Championship, visit:

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