The results are in; welcome Surge to Season 8!

The results are in; welcome Surge to Season 8!

This weekend marked the first open qualifier for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive's Season 8 of the ESL AU&NZ Championship. With sixteen teams entering the fray, there could be only one to come out on top and claim their qualification spot into the season - welcome to Surge Esports Club!

Remaining undefeated throughout the tournament to remain in the upper bracket, Surge Esports Club took down an army of opponents faced against them, toppling Oracle Empyre (1-0), Genuine Gaming (16-8), hehexd (16-10) before facing their final opponent - ducc.

In the upper bracket final, the match was taken into overtime as Surge Esports Club were able to take an early three round victory to secure the win, 19-16. Later facing their opponents again in the Grand Final and leading with the one-game advantage, Surge Esports Club were able to clear their opponents in a 16-11 scoreline, crowning themselves champions and earning the spoils of war - a qualification slot into the ESL AU&NZ Championship Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Season 8.

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