New season, new format! Season 2 announcement for Dota 2!

New season, new format! Season 2 announcement for Dota 2!

Did you enjoy season one of the ESL AU&NZ Championship 2018 for Dota 2? So did we! We’re thrilled to announce the continuation of Dota 2 leading into season two of the program, especially after a successful season one now in the bag.

We feel like we’ve learned a lot about the space, and want to continue to learn as much as we can, to make as competitive a format as possible in the community and help grow the scene. As such, we will be moving away from our opening format of the open cup series and transforming season two of the ESL AU&NZ Championship 2018 to feature a six-team league.

How do we gather these six teams you might ask? That’s a great question! Firstly, the top two seeded teams will be directly invited to the league based on season one results, aka our grand finalists of the season, Athletico and Natural 9. The remaining four slots will be found via four separate online qualifiers, held throughout the next few weeks.


Registration Links:


As per season one, the top four teams will play off in front of a live audience to determine who will take the greater share of the $10,000AUD prize pool up for grabs. The season officially begins on August 20 - see you then!

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