Announcing further details to PUBG Phase 2!

Announcing further details to PUBG Phase 2!

In similar fashion to the previous phase, and keeping true with the program's strong emphasis on promoting local talent across the region, top teams from the league will have the opportunity to directly qualify for global events in the 2019 PUBG Esports Season, whilst also competing locally for a prize pool of $15,000AUD.

Phase 2 - Open Qualifiers

Load up into the plane, pick your place to drop and register your team to the open qualifier! Taking place over four days, the open qualifiers are open to anyone and everyone in Oceania as teams partake in a progressive elimination tournament.

Each individual matchday will feature four games played, with the top teams from each group advancing to the next matchday. The exact breakdown of each day will be determined based on the total amount of registrations made for the qualifier. By the final day of action, only one lobby of sixteen teams will be left standing, with only the top six positions being invited into the league for Phase 2, joining the already qualified ten teams joining us from Phase 1.

PLEASE NOTE: All teams that were relegated from the previous phase will be required to compete from scratch through the open qualifier portion of the tournament.

  • Open Qualifier - Day 1: Tuesday, May 21;
  • Open Qualifier - Day 2: Wednesday, May 22;
  • Open Qualifier - Day 3: Saturday, May 25;
  • Open Qualifier - Day 4: Sunday, May 26;

Register now, via:

Phase 2 - Regular Season

For Phase 2, the league will see sixteen teams in total compete over four weeks in the regular season. Teams will play over two nights per week, taking place on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, starting from the 28th of May, 2019.

By the end of the season, the top three teams on the leaderboard will have their flights booked to Sweden as they qualify for the GLL Grand Slam: PUBG Classic as part of the 2019 PUBG Esports Season.

Additionally, teams ranked in first to tenth place will reserve their position leading into Phase 3, while teams ranked between eleventh to sixteenth place will be relegated from the competition and forced to try their luck through the open qualifiers.


  • Week 1: 28/29 of May, 2019;
  • Week 2: 04/05 of June, 2019;
  • Week 3: 11/12 of June, 2019;
  • Week 4: 18/19 of June, 2019;

For the full roadmap for the PUBG Esports Season in Oceania, visit:

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