We're ready for the future

Season 15 of the ESL Benelux Championship has come to an end. Big congratulations to KRC Genk Esports on their second consecutive title! We look forward to their performance in the EPL EU qualifier!

This season, we have implemented some changes to the competition, namely the switch to an English broadcast and a move to FACEIT. These were fairly big changes, which we hope made this season a better and more accessible experience for everyone. 

The nature of the ESL Benelux Championship is a place where we seek and bring up the local talents in the region, and provide a playground for them to shine. The goal is to help players and teams reach their potential and beyond in the CS esports scene. Seeing Benelux teams and players competing on the international stage is a big motivation to continue what we are doing now, and it all starts from the fans and the players. 

This was reflected in the tagline for this season: “From local talents to global heroes”. We believe in the Benelux scene’s potential to achieve great things. We will kick things off right away with some more changes. For now, what you can expect is some more 3-way interaction between the fans, the professional players and us. We hope that all the CS fans and esports fans in Benelux can be closer to the players and ESL Benelux ourselves, or may even find your personal source of motivation in the stories of esports just like we do. Alongside that, we have acknowledged that we could be doing so much more in interacting with you all via our social media, and therefore have been putting more effort into this aspect, bringing about some positive results.


Here comes the most important part: In an effort to build a stronger and more connected CS community in the Benelux, we are launching a FACEIT Clan open for CS players in the Benelux to join. This will come hand-in-hand with a Discord server, serving as a major platform for communication among the community. Through this community, we not only hope to bring players together to play 5-stack on FACEIT, but also connect people to other CS events, players and esports in general.

It is important that Benelux United becomes a place for the community to enjoy, and so we hope we can provide a good platform for that from the start, but we will also listen to input from the community and change the platform accordingly. With CS2 approaching, we believe that there is no better time to reunite and grow the CS community in Benelux!

A clan sounds cool, but what is a clan?

The Benelux United FACEIT clan is a place where you can play FACEIT matchmaking with other clanmates. It is free to join and start playing. Create a lobby, gather 5 players, start playing and earn points for the leaderboard! Do well and you might also win some cool prizes!

Sign up to the Benelux United FACEIT clan here