The End, For now

Hi ESL Benelux community,

The Benelux Championship has been a premier esports competition since its start in 2016, with the last year a heavy focus on Counter-Strike. We have seen talents come and go, and teams triumph on the big stage. We organized spectacular esports events in the Benelux region, from minor to big. Sadly, this adventure has come to an end.

Today, we are sad to announce that the ESL Benelux Championship, and other National Championships, will be discontinued as part of a global change in strategy.

With the recent changes within EFG (ESL) and the shift in focus, keeping the National Championships going would not be sustainable. The timing of this is unfortunate with the launch of CS2, but teams and players can continue their path to pro on our FACEIT platform in the ESEA Leagues, ESL Pro Tour qualifiers, and more. On top of that, we will also continue to operate our Benelux United FACEIT clan for Benelux players.

Together with our team at EFG, the community, and partners, we will investigate plans and products for the future. We want to thank all the fans, players, and teams that have been a part of this journey over the years. We hope our paths cross again in the future.


Team ESL Benelux