ESL Proximus Benelux Championship CSGO returns!

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During the 2021 Winter season, the best Benelux teams showcased their skills and we were finally able to return to an offline final event where eClub Brugge won it all for the second time in a row. 

The 2022 Summer Season will give all teams in the Benelux a new chance to challenge for the title, take their share of the prize money and represent the Benelux region in the EPL Conference! So let’s dive into some details.

When does it start?

The ESL Proximus Benelux Championship CSGO will kick off the 25th of January with the qualifying stage, consisting of 4 Open Qualifiers and a Relegation stage. Then on the 28th of February the 8 teams will battle it out in the Main Stage, taking place over 5 weeks. Capping it off are the finals, details on that will come later.

Who will be taking part?

The top 4 of the 2021 Winter season will be invited to take part in the 2022 Summer Main Stage. The remaining 4 spots will be filled through the Relegation stage, consisting of the top 3 of each Open Qualifier as well as the bottom 2 of the 2021 Winter season. That might be you!

So how can my team take part?

If you have not taken part in the 2021 Winter season, your team can qualify through the Open Qualifiers, which are played on ESEA. Unlike past seasons you are not required to have an ESEA subscription for the qualifiers, so they are accessible to everyone. These are 4 single elimination tournaments where any team can participate as long as 3 out of 5 members have Benelux nationality or residency. Finishing top 3 in a qualifier gets you to the Relegation stage, where you face off against the other qualifier teams and the bottom 4 of the 2021 Winter season. Finishing top 4 in this double elimination tournament qualifies you for the Main stage.

What is the format?

The format will remain the same as the 2021 Winter season. 

  • Open Qualifiers are 4 single-elimination tournaments. Top 3 of each qualifier goes to the Relegation stage.
  • Relegation stage is an 16-team double elimination tournament. Top 4 qualify for the Main stage.
  • Main stage consists of 2 groups of 4 teams. Each group plays a GSL format over 5 weeks, top 2 from each group qualifies for the Finals
  • Finals stage consists of 2 semi finals and a grand final, being played on 1 day. More details on this will follow later.

Sign up for the Open Qualifiers here:

Qualifier #1 -
Qualifier #2 -
Qualifier #3 -
Qualifier #4 -

What is there to play for?

Aside from the glory of being the best CSGO team in the Benelux, the teams that reach the Finals stage are playing for a share of the €10.000 prize pool, but that is not all. Becoming champions gives benelux teams the fastest way to the top: a spot in the ESL Pro League Conference, where a lot more prizes and glory can be gained!

Where can I watch it?

All stages except for the Open Qualifiers will be livestreamed on the ESL Benelux Twitch and Youtube channels. More information on potential other channels will follow later. 

What about Brawl Stars?

Don’t worry we won’t say goodbye to our mobile community, more details about Brawl Stars will follow early 2022. But what we can say is that there will be another season of Brawl Stars, so get your team ready!