IEM Cologne POG Collection


The IEM Cologne Pog Collection is a series of digital collectibles celebrating the history of elite CS:GO in Cologne and the heroes who are taking on the journey to esports glory this year in the Cathedral of Counter-Strike. The collection consists of 85 unique designs with different rarities.

Start your collection with the awesome Commons, or snipe one of the 10 Rares with the signatures of your favorite pro-players. Bid against other fans for a chance to own one of the coveted Legendaries and climb to the top of the collection Leaderboard to win an exclusive event experience at IEM Cologne 2022!

All Pogs are officially licensed products and are available exclusively on Your purchase supports the tournament, teams, and players in the CS:GO esports ecosystem.

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With only 3 editions minted, The Champions Of Cologne Legendary Pog carries the signatures of past champions competing for glory once again in 2021. Don’t miss it when the exclusive Legendary Pogs go up for auction!


Collect all IEM Cologne Pogs and climb the leaderboard rankings! The top collectors will receive a ton of cool prizes, including a unique fan experience with tickets to IEM Cologne 2022, as well as the POGCHAMP special Pog given only to the players performing the best frags during the tournament.


The Rare tier represents a selection of 28 Pogs – team logos of the best CS:GO teams in the world complete with player signatures of the IEM Cologne 2021 roster, and favorite moments in the arena! Limited to just 10 pieces per design.


The Common tier represents a selection of 56 amazing Pogs – from the logos of the best CS:GO teams in the world, to popular community emotes and event artworks. Limited to just 25 pieces per design, you have to be fast to grab your favorites!

List of POGS

List of POGS

Environmental Impact

All NFTs except for the three auctions are minted on the Polygon chain, which is a Proof of Stake blockchain in which transactions do not require the excessive computing power of Bitcoin transactions.

To mitigate the remaining environmental impact, we are making a significant donation to that will more than compensate the CO2 footprint. We will continue to work on reducing the ecological impact of our virtual item sales.