The Pro League Season 6 finals group stage schedule and matchups
Check out how the groups were drafted.

In just over a week the ESL Pro League Season 6 finals will finish 2017 in style with the grand finals in Odense. Last week we already announced the groups for the finals and now we want to shed some light on how the groups were drafted.

Group A (Yellow)

  • Fnatic
  • FaZe Clan
  • Astralis
  • Team Liquid
  • Hellraisers
  • Luminosity

Group B (Red)

  • OpTic Gaming
  • SK Gaming
  • North
  • Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Misfits
  • NRG


Group Stage Draft

As the best regular season teams, both Fnatic and OpTic were placed into different groups and given the choice to pick one team to avoid in the group stage, by seeding them into the opposing group. From then on, every seeded team got to draft one team of their own into the opposing group until the group stage draft was finalized.

Here is how the drafting stage went:

  1. Fnatic picks Yellow and therefore OpTic ends up in Red.
  2. Fnatic picks SK Gaming as Red #2.
  3. OpTic picks FaZe Clan as Yellow #2.
  4. SK Gaming picks Astralis as Yellow #3.
  5. FaZe picks North as Red #3.
  6. Astralis picks NiP as Red #4.
  7. North picks Team Liquid as Yellow #4.
  8. NiP picks HellRaisers as Yellow #5.
  9. Team Liquid picks Misfits as Red #5.
  10. HellRaisers picks NRG as Red #6 and therefore Luminosity ends up as Yellow #6.

For the Pro League finals in Odense, Group Yellow was decided to become Group A while Ground Red functions as Group B.

With the group draft in the books, we now also know the complete group stage matchups. You can find the full, action-packed schedule right here. The group stage games will start at 12:00 CET on December 5-6 and you’ll be able to catch the livestream on the ESL CS Youtube channel.

Here are a few of the highlight matchups:

Tuesday, December 5th (times in CET)

  • 12:00pm - Fnatic vs FaZe
  • 2:30pm - FaZe vs Team Liquid
  • 6:45pm - Ninjas in Pyjamas vs OpTic

Wednesday, December 6th (times in CET)

  • 2:30pm - Fnatic vs Astralis
  • 4:15pm - SK Gaming vs Ninjas in Pyjamas

You can still secure yourself tickets for the ESL Pro League Season 6 finals, so don’t miss out on your chance to see your favorite players live!