studio changes

As we move into the next Season of DreamLeague, it's important that we're doing all we can to improve the quality of our studio production; for the talent we work with, and for the fans watching at home. Here are some of the changes you can expect going into Season 20.

General Overview

Dota 2 MAp


  • Dota 2 map window has been updated to match the current patch.
    • Yes, this will be released as a wallpaper at some point for you!

Hero AR Systems

Item Removed

  • Brewmaster Gong, Puck Dance and Draft Heroes have been removed.

Band songs


  • Bass player Updated due to Tomas's being unavailable for Season 20
  • Total band songs have been increased by 5.
    • (Yes, we know you only want them to play Electricity still.)

Mannequin Hand


+5 Strength
+5 Agility
+5 Intelligence
+400 Attack Range
+5 Attack Speed
Grants True Strike

  • Someone who is good at gamedev please help us balance this. Our game is dying.



  • The studio is now a destructible environment with an advanced physics engine in place for collisions.
    • This includes the hosts' desk, which now stores a sledgehammer in case of an A.S.S. situation.

Sofa & Chairs


  • The sofa and chairs in the studio are now 5% comfier in accordance with the demands of the Dota 2 talent cabal.
Onto the important updates...


We felt that it was important when deciding our talent for Patch S.20 to maintain the solid core of talent that we had built for Patch S.19, while still aiming to create something fresh, giving more people a chance to show what they're made of and doing old things in new ways.

Here are the changes we've made:

Desk Hosts

We felt that we found something special in our last patch, so with just a few small buffs and changes, you can expect the same Desk Hosts as in Patch S.19. However, we're confident it'll still feel fresh with all the new ideas we're bringing in elsewhere!


  • New Passive Ability: Prestige
    • Every event Sheever attends will now see improved performance in all teams, creating a 10% more professional & 15% more relaxed environment, with 5% fewer production errors.
  • Base Charisma increased by 10%
    • This is just the standard rate of increase for Sheever between events, and is only being added here for visibility.
  • Tidehunter's Ravage radius and travel speed has been increased by 10%.


  • Strength Gain decreased from 3.2 to 2.8
  • Agility Gain increased from 3.8 to 4
  • Nerfed Ability: Sonic Hearken
    • Tsunami now has to listen to other people talk, and not just himself
  • Beard thickness nerfed by 5%
    • Beard thickness buffed by 10% when in a panel with non-bearded talent.
      • This change was specifically requested by Tsunami, in order to capitalise on the monopoly that he's built.


Honestly, where would we be without these two VITAL parts of the living breathing DreamLeague system.

Professional, knowledgeable and classy... and now introducing their co-hosts, Pyrion Flax and Jenkins!

Pyrion Flax

  • Primary Attribute changed to Strength
    Strength gain increased from 3.3 to 4.2
  • Base Intelligence decreased from 15 to 0
  • Intelligence gain decreased from 2.5 to 0
    • Always has 0 Intelligence. Always.
  • New ability: DUMB LUCK
    • New Innate ability
    • Max Intelligence is 0. Pyrion Flax receives 6 points of Knowledge and 0.03 Tolerance to Criticism per point of Strength. Each 20 points of Strength also increases the chance of Pyrion Flax saying something genuinely insightful by 1%


  • Base Intelligence increased by 30
    • This change is to offset the unexplainable decrease in intelligence that we've seen in Jenkins recently
  • New ability: Ass Behaviour
    • Fart jokes per series increased from 1/2/3/4 to 2/3/4/5
      • With a combination of Jenkins and SUNSFan on-site for DreamLeague Season 20, we felt it only made sense to add this ability to increase both their potential and synergy
  • New Ultimate Ability 'Mannequin Leg'
    • Summons Mannequin Leg for 1/2/3 series
    • That's it. He just gets to hold a mannequin leg.
    • Active: Legging it. Throws the Mannequin Leg in a perfect arc towards a designated target within 5 Meters. Creates confusion debuff to all production staff and has a 10% chance of triggering the “Disappointed Crowd” sound effect.
    • May only be used 3 times before confiscated.
Quantity changed as a part of the comprehensive Fart Jokes Increase



  • Base Armour increased by 1
  • Buffed Ability: Ephey Formation
    • Teammates now receive a 10% increase movespeed bonus when running towards Ephey
    • Ephey can now use this ability in the studio to shut the other talent up so that she can give her analysis
  • New ability: Rolling Boulder
    • Ephey gathers herself into a boulder and, after a 0.5s delay, rolls toward the target location, dealing 30 + 100% STR damage and stunning enemy units. She will stop if she collides with an enemy hero or is stunned. If she rolls over a Stone Remnant, she will travel further and faster, and stun enemies for longer.


  • Previously unavailable Jojo poses have now been added for Sheepsticked's entrances
  • Base Drip and Rizz increased by 20%
    • This change happened following extensive coaching from Saberchad
  • Bias decreased by 0.05% towards certain teams during draft and post-game analysis phases.
    • (We negotiated hard but this is the best deal we could get from her)
  • Middle Finger
    • Fear has now officially adopted Sheepsticked and they are father and daughter


  • Reduced bias towards certain teams by 10%
    • As a compromise for this, Khezu is able to call teams 'omega nerds' as much as he wants in his analysis.
  • New Passive Ability: Best Friend Buff
    • When working the same series as Synderen, both Khezu and Synderen receive a 15% increase to wit and charisma, and a 15% decrease to analysis and insight.
      • If the pair cast a game together, these are doubled to 30%.
  • New Ability: Chatting
    • Khezu now has the option of giving draft analysis in English, or speaking entirely in Twitch Emotes
      • This is an experimental new feature that we'll be carefully tracking and tweaking throughout the event.
        • As far as we can tell right now, 'BASED CIGAR' is a good thing and 'FrogeConcern' is not as good.


  • New Aghanim's Scepter: Slay
    • Purge raps the entirety of the song All I do is Slay from memory.
      • Each rhyme deals damage to enemies around him, healing Purge and units under his control for a portion of damage dealt.
        • Purge cannot rap or Slay if he is silenced or stunned.
  • New Ultimate Ability: Thank
    • Purge now individually thanks every single person in twitch chat after each one of his segments
      • Ability: No Target/Self
      • Affects: Twitch Chat
      • Damage: Pure
  • Now 10% stronger to unusual hotkey setups
    • This is to increase the threshold before Purge will have a meltdown, also known as an 'Anti-Slacks' measure


  • BAS (Base Analysis Speed) increased from 115 to 120
  • The return of DreamLeagues have attuned BSJ to the Ancients. When working as talent, BSJ will have Streamer-BSJ abilities by default and his Streamer self will have its normal abilities. This condition is temporary and will go away once BSJ adapts to the new paradigm.
  • New Streamer-BSJ ability: Psycho
    • When BSJ is working the same series as Jenkins, he has a 0.5% chance of becoming a literal psychopath and murdering everybody
      • This is a low chance, because while it increases tension for viewers, we do want to avoid the chance that BSJ will become a psychopath murderer if we can.


  • Strength gain increased from 3 to 3.4
  • Base Strength increased from 20 to 22
  • When NA teams perform well, Fear gets 25% 200% attack bonus
    • (This % was increased after deliberation, because it's never actually going to happen)
  • Fear is now being paid in desks for Season 20, per his request
  • Middle Finger
    • Fear has now officially adopted Sheepsticked and they are father and daughter


  • As the only talent being both on-site and remote, Winter doesn't really fit into normal categories. To stand apart, he really should have been a new kind of talent. A universal talent.
    • Base Damage decreased from 28-38 to 9-19
    • Damage on level 1 decreased by 4 (from 50-60 to 46-56)
    • Damage gain per level increased from +2.6 to +2.82
  • Winter has been reverted to patch S.6, and now only refers to other talent by their first names
  • Ability Change: Fish breeder
    • Fish breeding discussions per day reduced from 5/10/15/20 to 0/0/1/2
  • Ability Change: Heavenly Rage
    • Duration reduced from 5/10/15/30 seconds to 2.5/5/7.5/15
      • This is due to the reduced quantity of SEA teams that he has to watch in Season 20



  • New ability: IGNORES
    • Cap now ignores the lore for every hero and item in Dota 2 when SVG talks about it
    • Cooldown: 160 seconds
  • New Aghanim's Shard Ability: IMPRESSIONIST
    • When voice acting as one of the heroes or players in the current game, the ceiling and floor for Cap's casting speed and clarity are increased by 20%
      • Available only after 15 minutes
  • Talent Cabal
    • Cap is definitely not the leader of the talent cabal and he definitely can't start the game when it's delayed. Delete this part when you copy paste


  • Intelligence gain decreased from 5 to 4.8
    • We found that in super late-game situations, SVG's INT gain was causing him to go on tangents about high level concepts that no normal human being could understand. This change should fix that.
  • Buffed ability: LORES
    • SVG now knows the lore for every hero and item in Dota 2
    • Cooldown reduced from 160 seconds to 120 seconds
  • Ability Change: Adjectives
    • SVG has now been given a fourth adjective to use during a cast, alongside Abomination, Monster, and Abomination of Nature


  • Intelligence gain decreased from 1.8 to 1.6
  • SUNSFanned his way into being hired for this event - again.
  • New Ultimate Ability: Warning
    • During Season 20, SUNSFan can now warn us about something vague that will happen at some point during a series. He can't say what, but it will be bad, and the pitchforks will be out, most likely
  • New Passive Ability: SUNSFan
    • After a SUNS win, SUNSFan can temporarily (1 game) become the greatest esports caster of all time
      • (We initially planned to have this lasting for a full series, but we realised that it would be literally impossible for SUNSFan to do that)
  • Ability Change: Ass Behaviour
    • Fart jokes per series now increased from 1/2/3/4 to 2/3/4/5, from the synergy buff with Jenkins
Quantity changed as a part of the comprehensive Fart Jokes Increase


  • Intelligence gain increased from 4.6 to 4.8
    • This is to compensate for SUNSfan's reduced INT
  • When Synderen is casting and there's an Alchemist in the game, the game now officially becomes an 'Alchemist game'
  • New Passive Ability: Best Friend Buff
    • When working the same series as Khezu, both Synderen and Khezu receive a 15% increase to wit and charisma, and a 15% decrease to analysis and insight.
  • All analysis done in a British accent will now be 25% more insightful
    • This will give Synderen more options in how he wants to approach a post-fight analysis

REMOTE Talents

Here are the incredible talents that will be bringing all of the action to you on our other streams this June!





ODPixel 1


Fogged 1







Joining us later on-site!











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Our Observer-Team



In-Game Director
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