Mouse 2 + Mouse 1: kennyS swagger

Mouse 2 + Mouse 1: kennyS swagger

The renowned French AWPer Kenny “kennyS” Schrub pioneered G2 Esports in qualifying for the ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals held on home turf in Montpellier, Occitanie and continues to maintain consistency on big stages. Will the decorated sniper help the French side G2 Esports claim their first ESL Pro League Season victory, taking home their slice of the $750,000 USD prize pool whilst picking up their first Intel® Grand Slam contribution?

Brandishing over 10 MVP medals on his gucci-diamond-encrusted belt, the 24-year-old French sniper is a prominent figure in Counter-Strike, dating back to his first competition days in 2011. kennyS is essentially a household name for those injected into the esports galaxy and since his former MVP performance and championship at the Cluj-Napoca Major in 2015, where he competed for EnvyUs, the auspicious AWPer looks to reclaim his crown as the #1 sniper in the world.

Plagued by the infamous “French-shuffle” & certain alterations CS:GO made to the AWP in 2015, kennyS now has the formation of talent supporting him he has seeked for so long. Let’s dive in and see how kennyS has been performing and how his Mouse 2 + Mouse 1 endeavours have fared in the past few years.

kennyS stats by year:

LAN rating: 1.18
Big events rating: 1.16
Major rating: 1.09
Opening kill rating (LAN): 1.10
K/D ratio (LAN): 1.28

LAN rating: 1.08
Big events rating: 1.09
Major rating: 1.10
Opening kill rating: 1.06
K/D ratio: 1.09

LAN rating: 1.18
Big events rating: 1.03
Major rating: 0.97
Opening kill rating: 1.15
K/D ratio: 1.24

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kennyS has seen a plethora of makeshift homes in the form of roster moves over his lengthy & successful career before securing his abode with G2 in early 2017. Just before the success kennyS saw with EnvyUs in 2015, when the squad won the Major in Cluj-Napoca, Valve released an update in CS:GO which would slightly tarnish not only kennyS’ abilities forever, but all of the professional scene.

The developer altered the speed of movement while scoped, which meant scoping peaks, wide peaks and generally the overall experience of the AWP were all less explosive. This nerfed all snipers in the world. Formerly teams had to restructure their entire gameplan when versing kennyS, however, with the update going live in March of 2015, it shaped AWPers to rely on positioning more than raw aim in close quarters.

With any team who relied on their AWPer, especially on the offensive T-side, professional teams had to essentially reapproach and consider different tactics when competing, this completely shook up the competitive side of the game and gave more breathing room to riflers. At the time, kennyS commented on how he believed the AWP nerf was potentially due to his dominance, yet he didn’t confirm if that was necessarily true.

With other top snipers in the world such as JW & GuardiaN being affected, a more defensive & angle-holding passive style emerged. This rewarded team-based play as opposed to one individual acting as the Grim Reaper when picking up the AWP. While no longer retaining the title of the best sniper in the world, kennyS has been grinding away with G2 under the leadership of shox & coach maleK.

Let’s take a glance at how kennyS has been performing in recent form this year in contrast to other top level AWPers.

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Comparison stats for 5 Top AWPers during 2019:

LAN rating: 1.18
Big events rating: 1.03
Opening frag rating (LAN): 1.09

LAN rating: 1.34
Big events rating: 1.33
Opening frag rating (LAN): 1.25

LAN rating: 1.22
Big events rating: 1.25
Opening frag rating (LAN): 1.18

LAN rating: 1.12
Big events rating: 1.10
Opening frag rating (LAN): 1.18

LAN rating: 1.06
Big events rating: 1.13
Opening frag rating (LAN): 1.22

Extrapolating the data, no doubt Natus Vincere’s  s1mple & Astralis’ device lead the pack statistically, however, kennyS is relatively close to achieving such form but simply needs the results with G2 to improve. The French organisation added the duo of JaCkz & Lucky most recently whilst also signing another french star: AmaNEk. Bearing in mind the trio was only added in the past 6-7 months, with AmaNEk being the most recent addition, G2 have a lot of flourishing to do under shox’s leadership, these factors lead us to believe that kennyS can definitely contend for the best AWPer in the world once more.

G2 have already qualified for the ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals in Occitanie, France where they defeated the likes of Natus Vincere, Fnatic & Windigo Gaming topping their respective Group 3 – 0. Can the French side garner better results than their 12-14th finish at the IEM Katowice 2019 CS:GO Major Championship? Be sure to check out how they fare and whether or not they can claim the Intel® Grand Slam victory & $750,000 USD prize pool!