With a Vengeance: The Shroud of Astralis

With a Vengeance: The Shroud of Astralis

Astralis head into the EPL Finals with the aim to retake their undisputed no. 1 status after Team Liquid recently dethroned them. Can the Great Danes make it a hat-trick of Pro League titles in Montpellier?

The Lions who dwell in the Den of Counter-Strike have already left their Mark in the history books forever. Reigning supreme for over 400 days as the no. 1 ranked team in the world, Team Liquid finally bumped the Danes from their perch to claim the no. 1 position in our Counter-Strike:GO World Rankings after achieving two championship trophies at IEM Sydney 2019 & DreamHack Dallas 2019.

Having previously won the inaugural Intel®️ Grand Slam with their championship at ESL Pro League Season 8 finals, and following that up with victory at the IEM Katowice CS:GO Major, Astralis look to reassert their dominance. With the Danes missing IEM Sydney 2019 and Team Liquid confirming their victory on Australian soil, as well as taking a trophy in Dallas, Astralis now seek to reclaim their status as the no. 1 team in the world and avenge their Intel® Grand Slam shortcomings and legacy.

Astralis now possess over 12 premier event championships of the 20 (60%) they’ve competed in with their core 5 and within these 20 events they’ve maintained an astonishing 76% map win rate at big events –  an unprecedented feat no other team has accomplished. Regardless, Team Liquid propose the biggest threat to Astralis’ era. The ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals in Occitanie, France, will decipher where the two titans stand in relation to each other.

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Astralis’ stats in 2019:
LAN: 34 wins of 45 matches (76%)
Big events: 23 wins of 31 matches (74%)
Major events 10 wins of 11 matches (91%)
Pistol rounds on LAN: 39 wins of 56 pistol rounds (60%)

Whilst all of Astralis certainly pull their weight, the two leaders in the form of in game leader gla1ve & coach zonic have consistently illustrated how the power of the pair working in tandem leads to productive results. Considering zonic managed to complete a Masters Degree whilst travelling & competing with Astralis, the successful squad is constantly developing the meta for others to follow.

The perks of being at the top are clearly prominent, however, with the reputation of being the world’s best you’re constantly threatened by hungry achievers who thrive on wanting to take you down. Astralis have seen some seeping cracks with the recent Katowice 2019 Major silver medal holders ENCE ending the Danes 31 – 0 (Both LAN + Online) streak on Nuke in Madrid.

In conjunction with the series loss that Astralis suffered 0 – 2 to ENCE in Madrid, other emerging teams have also scraped a map victory against the Great Danes with Renegades acting as the only team to have secured a map against them at the IEM Katowice CS:GO Major Championships this year. Renegades held a stunning comeback on Mirage securing a 19 – 17 victory over Astralis however still lost their entire series 1 – 2.

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Outside of ENCE & Renegades, the likes of BIG, FaZe Clan, Team Liquid & MIBR have won a single map against the giants in the past couple of months alluding to potential upsets in the forthcoming months and at the Pro League Season 9 LAN finals held in Montpellier, Occitanie kicking off in less than 2 weeks!

Astralis have outlined the recipe for success within the Counter-Strike scene with device commenting on what sacrifices have to made. The 23 year old esteemed sniper who currently holds 13 total MVP medals recently spoke of how he does not drink, often exercises and maintains both healthy relationships and a clean diet when travelling.

Astralis set their sights to ensure that they continue their golden legacy and will be doing so in June where they will be competing against the worlds best on French soil in Occitanie, Montpellier for the ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals.
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