An overdue French victory: ESL Pro League Season 5

An overdue French victory: ESL Pro League Season 5

G2 Esports returned to form sailing the tricolour of blue, white and red as the renowned roster of the French won the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals. Earning the lion’s share of $750,000 USD, the victory in Dallas was the second of three titles the French claimed within 2017.

The Verizon Theatre featured 12 qualifying teams split between Europe and North America. Following a disappointing 12-14th finish at the Atlanta Major in January of 2017, shox led G2 Esports to success after placing 9th at the ESL Pro League Season 4 Finals. This victory would be G2’s first and only Pro League title

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Denial of the Danes

The days where Astralis towered as the numero uno of Counter-Strike were upon us. The competition breathed a sigh of relief as Astralis were not in attendance at the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals. However, carrying the torch of their Danish brethren, the competition saw an ever-confident North all-Danish lineup featuring k0nfig, MSL, cajunb, aizy and the now distinguished master Magisk trip at the finish line.

Suffering only one loss in their group stage run to Team Liquid, North embered with ferocity delivering revenge in the semi finals, where they narrowly overcame Team Liquid 2:0. Meeting G2 in the bo5 Grand Finals witnessed the Danes crumble 1:3 to the omniscience of the French.

Following their loss to G2 and in conjunction with poor results which followed at the Krakow Major 2017, North released the services of Magisk. In what could now be contemplated as North’s worst decision of all time, Magisk briefly joined OpTiC Gaming before receiving an offer from what would develop into the most accomplished roster of all time, Astralis.

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The Playing Field

SK Gaming had just defeated an underwhelming FaZe Clan at IEM Sydney 2017 3:1 winning the gold on the sandy shores of Australia only a month before competing at the Finals of ESL Pro League Season 5. Critics assumed that SK Gaming would find victory in Dallas or if they were to fall short that Natus Vincere would pick up the reigns. The titan pair of Natus Vincere and FNATIC were fraught with disappointment as the two failed to secure play-offs and despite flamie putting up the highest rating of the tournament (1.30) Natus Vincere failed to achieve a Top 8 placement.

Top 8 Performers of the ESL Pro League S5 Finals by rating:

  1. flamie 1.30 / Natus Vincere
  2. k0nfig 1.25 / North
  3. RpK 1.24 / Team EnvyUs
  4. fer 1.23 / SK Gaming
  5. EliGE 1.22 / Team Liquid
  6. FalleN 1.22 / SK Gaming
  7. kennyS 1.20 / G2 Esports
  8. LUCAS1 1.10 / Immortals

Interestingly kennyS claimed the MVP of the ESL Pro League Season 5 Finals averaging a 1.20 rating and 1.36 K/D ratio across 11 maps. Nonetheless, the title of winning an ESL Pro League Finals resonates as no simple task and G2 marked their history on 2017 by overpowering momentous rosters such as SK Gaming, North and French adversaries Team EnvyUs.

G2 Esports will be competing in the European qualifier for the 10th season of the ESL Pro League. The Frenchmen will have to place Top 4 in order to secure their appearance in Odense, Denmark. Be sure to check out our recent newsletter to keep up to date with details!