Entering an Earnest Era: ESL Pro League Season 7

Entering an Earnest Era: ESL Pro League Season 7

The ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals took place in Dallas, USA where Astralis conquered the competition lifting the trophy, title and earning a large portion of $750,000 USD. In the Verizon Theatre in the heart of Dallas, 16 world class teams united in competition to decide who would be crowned the ESL Pro League Season 7 champions.

Little did Astralis know that the victory on American soil against Team Liquid set in motion a chain of events which lead to the Danes creating a legacy of superiority within the ESL Pro League and influence the squad to hold sovereignty over the competitive scene as the No. 1 for months to follow.

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Rivalry Builds

While the landscape witnessed Astralis commandeer the competitive playingboard, top contending teams such as Team Liquid, FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere and SK Gaming attended the finals itching to ready their hand against Astralis. The Danes graced the competition with devastating presence where they did not drop a single map in their entire tournament run until they met Team Liquid in the Grand Finals where they prevailed victorious 3:1. 

The ESL Pro League Season 7 Finals officially commenced the long-running curse of Team Liquid falling to Astralis in premier events in the later stages. The loss to Astralis in Dallas unfortunately went on to see Team Liquid place runners-up to Astralis or see them eliminated by the worlds No. 1 in the finals of five premier events throughout 2018.

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Sometimes the cat, sometimes the mouse

The omnipotence of FaZe Clan who at the time held Xizt and karrigan recently toppled Astralis unexpectedly a couple of months prior at IEM Sydney 2018 in three straight maps (3:0). Rendering a strong core and confidence leading into the Finals of ESL Pro League Season 7, the Europeans slaughtered their successful path to the playoffs with defeats over Cloud9, mousesports and SK Gaming however fell short to Natus Vincere and then found themselves eliminated by Astralis in the Semi Finals.

Captain Zeus lead Natus Vincere to a 3rd-4th finish at the ESL Pro League Finals where the Ukranian/Russian side were overcome by the waves of impact the Americans propelled during the Semi Finals. For the world’s No. 1 player, s1mple, the loss in Dallas riled begrudgingly for the Ukranian and acted as a constructive loss where Natus Vincere lifted a gold trophy at the Cathedral of Counter-Strike, ESL One Cologne 2018 only two months afterwards.

The ESL Pro League Finals Season 7 also witnessed six of the eight top rated players belong to Denmark (with *):

NiKo 1.35 
*device 1.33
*dupreeh 1.31
*gla1ve 1.26
*cajunb 1.26
electronic 1.26
*k0nfig 1.25
*Magisk 1.22

Dupreeh from Astralis deservingly held his glistening MVP medallion with pride. The MVP performance is the first and only MVP achievement within the 26 year olds career. The victory on US soil illuminated a beam of success for the Danish squad Astralis, sparking the second of eleven total premier event trophies within the boundaries of 2018. 
In recent light, Astralis will be in attendance at the 10th Season of the ESL Pro League which we recently announced. Be sure to have a look at the event information and confirm your tickets here!