North American Leviathans: ESL Pro League Season 9

North American Leviathans: ESL Pro League Season 9

Team Liquid surfaced as victorious in Montpellier, Occitanie where the North American squad lifted the ESL Pro League Season 9 trophy. Defeating the French favorites G2 Esports 3:1 saw Team Liquid surge towards their third premier trident-trophy win within 2019.

The North Americans subtly sneaked their way in as the 16th team to confirm attendance at the ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals in France after qualifying through the GG.Bet Cologne Invitational last minute. The victory marks Team Liquid’s first ESL Pro League title and the second time a North American team has achieved such a feat. Finding victory in France also means that Team Liquid have propelled their standings in the Intel®️ Grand Slam Season 2 marathon where the roster simply needs 1 victory from the upcoming 7 contributing events they will attend throughout the year.

The French Connection

The European regular season saw G2 Esports flawlessly qualify for the finals of the ESL Pro League Season 9 where the Frenchman denied Natus Vincere from attendance. Team Vitality have been harnessing all the attention in regards to the French scene with rookie talent such “ZywOo” astounding the top tier of Counter-Strike. However, on the other side of the fence, the legendary roster of G2 finally expressed the potential we know they possess placing runners-up to Team Liquid where they lost the Bo5 Grand Final to the North Americans. The entire G2 squad shared a plethora of highlights however it was mainly the legendary duo of shox and kennyS who stole the show. Illustrating remnants of vintage 2015, kennyS held the third highest rating of the tournament (1.25) across 17 maps played.

With the crowd of Montpellier sturdily supporting their French brethren, G2 Esports silver placing at the ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals saw G2 Esports rise 10 slots from 17th in our CS:GO World Rankings to 7th.

The Tides are Changing

The reigning champions of the prior seasons, ESL Pro League Season 7 and Season 8, Astralis failed to reaffirm their status placing 5th-6th alongside FaZe Clan where the Danes endured losses to an expired NRG Esports roster, later being eliminated by their once inferior rivals Team Liquid in the Quarterfinals. Utilizing the resources of their formidable IGL “daps” one last time, NRG placed 3rd-4th in excitable fashion despite not having their latest IGL addition “stanislaw” lead the North American side.

The European extravaganza lead by karrigan pronounced another propitious performance where mousesports clinched a slot in the finals placing 3rd-4th losing to the eventual champions. Both chrisJ and woxic boasted a phenomenal event placing within the Top 8 highest rated players where the two achieved a 1.27 & 1.25 rating respectively. 

Top 8 Finishers of the ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals:

1st Team Liquid
2nd G2 Esports
3rd-4th NRG Esports
3rd-4th mousesports
5th-6th FaZe Clan
5th-6th Astralis
7th-8th MIBR
7th-8th Heroic

The ESL Pro League Season 9 Finals saw Team Liquid confirm they are the most definitely the world’s No .1 where the North Americans defeated Astralis and earned their third premier title of the year. The results on Frenchsoil suggest a shift in tides for the titans of Counter-Strike and with fruitful results for younger sides such as mousesports and Heroic.

We’ve announced the 10th Season of ESL Pro League where the finals will take place in Odense, Denmark. Be sure to check out the event information and secure your tickets here!