About Odense

Northern Europe largest hub and high-tech ecosystem consisting of IT, robot and automation companies, suppliers, educational institutions and research facilities, investment capital and public actors

What's up with Odense?

Well, with more than 30.000 students and a population of just over 200.000, the City of Odense has one of the largest concentrations of students in Denmark and therefore you have a high probability of finding like-minded people. The student life is thriving, with the new Generator Festival, there’s even a semester-start party that can rival with Copenhagen and Aarhus. The City of Odense houses a lot of students and young people, this means that there’s also a lot of free activities to pass time throughout the year. Read more about what goes on in Odense at Visit Odense’s webpage.


Odense has a diverse and busy event calendar, ranging from huge festivals like Tinderbox and the International Film Festival OFF. There’s literally a festival for everyone, to name a few there’s – Flower, Esport, Hans Christian Andersen, Rosé, Cake, Jam and Indian Pale Festivals, and about 150 more so you should be able to find one or more that suits your cravings.

Move to Odense

The rent is MUCH cheaper than in Copenhagen or Aarhus, it’s easier to find a place and the distance from A-B is much shorter, no matter where you locate. Odense is centrally located in Denmark and the opportunity to enjoy the entire country is much greater. You can reach the international airport in Copenhagen in just over an hour, from here you can reach most of the world and the world can reach you. Should you want to experience the nearby countries, Germany and Sweden are just next door and easily reachable by train, car, plane or ferry.

We want you

To love our country and our city and to fully understand us, there’s free Danish lessons for those who speak a bit of Danish. To create a community around our internationals, we have something called International Community Odense which arranges international meetups, get to know others with the same challenges about Danish people as yourself.

Get around Odense

Odense is literally FLAT, as a pancake. This makes it easy to move around on your bike or by foot. We admit there may be “some” roadwork to get around, but it’s all for the better and an easier future commute, please remember that, if you one day travel by car. The short distances make it easy to travel all year long, and in just a few years we will have a new light rail tram that can transport you through most of the city with ease. Read more about what goes on in Odense at Visit Odense’s webpage.