Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League

Rainbow Six Pro League is the most prestigious R6S competition in the world. Season 8 features the best teams from North America, South America, Europe and APAC fighting in their respective regions.

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NA #R6PL standings after week #13:
@EvilGeniuses have already secured the tickets to Rio, but @SKGaming and @GoingRogueGG will duke it out for the second place! Join us next week!

Vote for the MVP of the @GoingRogueGG vs. @ObeyAlliance match! #R6PL

@SlashugR6 / @Easilyy_ / @Ecl9pse / @KidSkys

.@GoingRogueGG won the match! They are still fighting for the second spot in NA #R6PL and the tickets to Rio!

The last match of the day features @GoingRogueGG and @ObeyAlliance. #R6PL

Tune in:
📺 https://t.co/QNKa2D1twB

An obligatory celebratory WOOO from @BroCanadian!
See you in Rio and Montreal! 👋 #R6PL

Vote for the MVP of the @EvilGeniuses vs. @SKGaming match! #R6PL

@6eometrics / @BroCanadian / @nvKing_ / @Hotancold_

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