Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League

Rainbow Six Pro League is the most prestigious R6S competition in the world, featuring the best teams from North America, South America, Europe and APAC fighting in their respective regions.

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Pro League Season XI is back on January 6th!

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Competitive ruling: Doki

Following Doki's ban in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege by Ubisoft for display of severe toxicity, ESL is honouring the publisher punishment and issuing the

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Competitive ruling: Scrypt

On July 11th, “Rixx” a competing player from Scrypt (registered team within the Rainbow 6 Pro League Season 10 APAC SEA Division) received an in-game

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Season 11 Teams





In just a few weeks, the best @Rainbow6Game teams will compete for ultimate glory on the stage of the #SixInvitational!

📓 Check out the updated Event Guide for more info: http://rainbow6.com/si2020guide

Vote for the MVP of the match between @FaZeClan and @intz! #R6PL

@Leonardo_Astro | @cameram4n | @ionosawa | @Vittzzzzzz

It is time for the fourth and final match of the day and it could be an exciting one! @FaZeClan vs. @intz starts now! #R6PL

Tune in:
📺 https://t.co/bmBMnqEEgI

Vote for the MVP of the match between @ElevateGG and @mibr! #R6PL

@Dyx_LENDA | @kds_r6 | @bullet1r6 | @cyberzeraR6

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