Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League

Rainbow Six Pro League is the most prestigious R6S competition in the world. Season 8 features the best teams from North America, South America, Europe and APAC fighting in their respective regions.

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6-0 against @FaZeClan 😲😲 Well played @GoingRogueGG #SixMajorParis

The last match of the day will feature @teamsecret and @OrgLessGG!


Tune in:
📺 https://t.co/9PRHLOL6PE

Vote for the MVP of the @ElementMysticR6 vs. @Immortals match! #SixMajorParis

@envy_XD / @h3dy_R6 / @cyb3rzera / @LucasYuuk

What an upset! @ElementMysticR6 knocks @Immortals out of the tournament! #SixMajorParis

.@FaZeClan is up one map! Only one more victory to advance to the quarterfinals! #SixMajorParis

.@Immortals are HYPED! One round away from a tied series! #SixMajorParis

This might be one of the best WOOOOOOs we ever got from @BroCanadian! #SixMajorParis

We are live with the winners match of group D: @FaZeClan vs. @GoingRogueGG. Let's go! #SixMajorParis

Tune in:
📺 https://t.co/JbqD5zOfXb

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