Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League

Rainbow Six Pro League is the most prestigious R6S competition in the world. Season 8 features the best teams from North America, South America, Europe and APAC fighting in their respective regions.

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The participant list of #SixMajorParis looks great!

@PENTA_Sports / @EvilGeniuses / @FaZeClan / @FNATIC / @TeamLiquid / @MilleniumTeam / @norarengou_en / @GoingRogueGG / @Team_Vitality / @ObeyAlliance / #OrgLess / #IDK / @Immortals / @NiPGaming / @ElementMysticR6 / @MockItLeague


@ElementMysticR6 have closed out the series 3-0 and now qualify for the Six Major in Paris!


After going to overtime, @ElementMysticR6 have taken the map one win 7-5 over @Aerowolfproteam

Element Mystic are now up 2-0 in this BO5 series, can Aerowolf do the impossible an reverse sweep?

📺 https://t.co/gVVxCE8kfP

The Grand Final series is HERE!

@ElementMysticR6 VS. @Aerowolfproteam

There is only ONE spot up for grabs for the #Rainbow6 Six Major Paris, who will take it?

Tune in 👇👇👇

A sad end for @Sengoku_Gaming as they have been knocked out by @Aerowolfproteam, as they take the series 2-0!

They now move onto a rematch against @ElementMysticR6 in the Grand Final in a Best-Of-Five series!


Starting the series off strong, @Aerowolfproteam takes the map one win 6-3 over @Sengoku_Gaming

Can Sengoku even the score?


Up next we have the Lower-Bracket final!

@Aerowolfproteam VS. @Sengoku_Gaming

Who will be joining @ElementMysticR6 in the Grand-Final?


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