List of R6PL Season 3 Finals participants is now complete!

List of R6PL Season 3 Finals participants is now complete!

Eight teams in total will soon clash in Brazil, but one of them will take the R6PL trophy and lion’s share of the prize pool home. The event will be the most international we have ever had in the Rainbow Six: Siege scene, as all four major regions will be represented. These are the teams coming to Sao Paulo to take the title home:

  • PENTA Sports
  • ENCE eSports
  • Continuum
  • 1nFamy
  • Team Fontt
  • Black Dragons e-Sports
  • eiNs
  • Mantis FPS

What’s coming up next? Drawing show, during which bracket for the R6PL Season 3 Finals will be determined. Want to get to know how it will work this time around? Here are a few simple rules:

  • Teams will be divided into two pots. Pot 1 will contain the 1st placed teams from each region, Pot 2 will contain 2nd placed teams from each region.
  • Teams from the same region cannot meet each other in the first or second round (teams from APAC are considered from the same region, even if they are from different sub-regions).
  • Regional matchups must be different in each side of the bracket.

The exact date of the drawing show will be announced soon. For the latest updates, follow ESL Rainbow Six on Facebook and Twitter. Get additional information about the Rainbow Six Pro League by following the official account on Twitter. The Pro League schedule can be found here.