Challenger League Season 7 concludes this week

Challenger League Season 7 concludes this week

Season 7 of Challenger League comes to an end. Even though we have already determined the best teams to advance to the upcoming Relegation, one more match per each region is still to be played. Six teams from North America, Latin America and Europe will have a shot at making their way to the Pro League, but first they will face each other in the grand finals of Challenger League.

Challenger League finals:

  • North America (April 23): bestcoast vs. Noble eSports
  • Latin America (April 25): ReD DevilS e-Sports vs. Very Nice Shot e-Sports
  • Europe (April 26): Supremacy vs. I Don’t Know

All three Challenger League finals will be casted live by Michael "KiXSTAr" Stockley, Parker "Interrobang" MacKay, Devin "mzo" Becker and Ghassan "Milosh" Finge from the professional studio commonly known as the home of Rainbow Six Pro League. Those matches will take place right after the conclusion of the regional Pro League finals.
The winners of Challenger League finals will receive 2 500 USD, while runners-up will be awarded with half of that. Additionally, the Challenger League finals will determine the seeding of both teams going up to the Relegation phase. Later they will face the teams that were placed 7th and 8th in the regular Pro League season.
For the latest information on the Rainbow Six Pro League, follow the official account on Twitter. For additional updates, follow ESL Rainbow Six on Facebook and Twitter.

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