Fnatic wins the APAC Season 7 finals

Fnatic wins the APAC Season 7 finals

First event under a new banner and already a victory! Team Fnatic, previously known as Mindfreak, took gold in Sydney's ESL Studios and claimed the title of the best team in Asia Pacific region. The Australian team defeated their opponents in commanding fashion.
Fnatic started their performance with a swift 10-0 match against Sengoku Gaming Extasy. After such a dominant victory, it was clear that Fnatic will be the main favourite to win the tournament. However, their next opponent proved to be a serious threat. Team CryptiK unexpectedly managed to win the second map without dropping a single round. This demoralizing defeat could crumble a lesser team, however Fnatic was determined to go all the way and ultimately came back to win the semifinal. On the other side of the championship bracket Nora-Rengo played an incredibly close quarterfinal against team Scrypt and then swiftly defeated Dark Sided in the second semifinal.
Fnatic, despite denting their armour in the previous round of the bracket, was well prepared for the grand final. Dropping only 3 rounds in the entire match, Fnatic confirmed their status of the best team in the whole region.

  • Fnatic 2-0 Sengoku Gaming
  • Team CryptiK 2-0 Team Latency
  • Element Mystic 1-2 Dark Sided
  • Nora-Rengo 2-1 Scrypt


  • Fnatic 2-1 Team CryptiK
  • Dark Sided 0-2 Nora-Rengo

Grand final:

  • Fnatic 2-0 Nora-Rengo

Nora-Rengo and Fnatic are the first teams confirmed to participate in the upcoming global Pro League Season 7 finals in Atlantic City. The next six teams will join them in this week, after the conclusion of the regional semifinals in North America, Latin America and Europe.
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