Meet all of the Season 7 finalists!

Meet all of the Season 7 finalists!

All eight finalists of Rainbow Six Pro League Season 7 have been determined. Even though the regional champions of North America, Latin America and Europe will be crowned next week, The best APAC teams will be joined by six western teams who already secured their spots in the upcoming LAN finals.
North America:
The Six Invitational runners-up, Evil Geniuses, defeated SK Gaming in the first NA semifinal. It turned out to be surprisingly one sided, as EG have once again proven their excellent preparation and execution. The second semifinal between Rogue and SpaceStation Gaming as equally one sided. Just like EG did, Rogue lost only four rounds in total. SSG, despite doing their best, could not stop Rogue.

  • Evil Geniuses 2-0 SK Gaming
  • SpaceStation Gaming 0-2 Rogue

Latin America:
Perhaps the most anticipated match of the entire week, Black Dragons vs. FaZe Clan, was a massive surprise for many of the viewers. On paper both teams seemed equally matched, but this time FaZe Clan was much better prepared. The second semifinal however brought us many nailbiting moments. Team Liquid and Team oNe eSports went to to toe and even though the final result was 2-0 in favour of the Blue Horses, both maps came down to overtime.

  • Black Dragons 0-2 FaZe Clan
  • Team oNe eSports 0-2 Team Liquid

Te semifinal featuring PENTA Sports and Team Vitality was electrifying. Vast majority of the viewers expected the reigning world champions to decimate their opponents. The first map seemed to be in line with this prediction, however the French managed to surprise both PENTA and the viewers by winning the second map and even taking 3 rounds off of their rivals on the decider map. The second semifinal turned out to be not so even, although both teams clearly gave their best. 1UP ESPORT lost the first map after an overtime, but the battle of Border ended up with a relatively swift victory by Millenium.

  • PENTA Sports 2-1 Team Vitality
  • 1UP ESPORT 0-2 Millenium

If you missed any of the matches, you can get up to speed by watching the VODs on our official YouTube playlist!
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