Relegation matches are coming!

Relegation matches are coming!

Season 7 is slowly coming to an end as the top eight teams from across the world prepare for the season finals in Atlantic City. But we still don’t know the full list of Season 8 participants. With the conclusion of Challenger League it is time to move on to the Relegation.
Once again, the bottom two teams from Pro League will face the best two Challenger League teams in relegations. will be only one victory away from either returning to the most prestigious level of Rainbow Six: Siege competition, or advancing there for the first time.
Relegation schedule:
North America (May 4)

  • Noble eSports vs. Honor Among Thieves
  • Beastcoast vs. Counter Logic Gaming

Latin America (May 5):

  • ReD DevilS e-Sports vs. RED Canids
  • Very Nice Shot e-Sports vs. YeaH! Gaming

Europe (May 6):

  • I Don’t Know vs. Team Oplon
  • Supremacy vs. ENCE eSports

All six matches will be cast live from the Rainbow Six: Pro League studio in Katowice, Poland. Michael "KiXSTAr" Stockley, Parker "Interrobang" MacKay, Devin "mzo" Becker and Ghassan "Milosh" Finge will be there to bring you all of the action!
The stakes are higher than ever. Keep in mind that the due to the upcoming changes to the Pro League format, it’s pivotal to win the relegation match. Defeat equals to being eliminated from the R6PL circuit for months!
For the latest information on the Rainbow Six Pro League, follow the official account on Twitter. For additional updates, follow ESL Rainbow Six on Facebook and Twitter.