Only four teams remain in the Season 7 Finals!

Only four teams remain in the Season 7 Finals!

The first day of Rainbow Six Pro League Season 7 Finals is over. After four nail-biting quarterfinals we are one step closer to crowning the new global champions. The tournament held in Atlantic City will continue Sunday, but the pro matches are not the only thing to wait for! Don’t forget to tune in and watch the upcoming Esports Panel and the official reveal of Operation Para Bellum!

  • Rogue 2:1 Nora-Rengo

  • PENTA Sports 2:1 Evil Geniuses

  • FaZe Clan 1:2 Millenium

  • Fnatic 0:2 Team Liquid

All four quarterfinals turned out to be a real delight for all of the viewers. Despite coming to Atlantic City as the least popular team, Nora-Rengo made a name for themselves by pushing their favoured opponents, Rogue, to their limit. As expected, PENTA Sports lost the first map against Evil Geniuses, but then, once again, managed to come back and win the entire series. On the other side of the bracket Millenium became the first French team to reach the global semifinals since Year 1. The final match of the day ended up with Team Liquid beating Fnatic and thus paying back for the unexpected defeat during the recent Six Invitational 2018.

  • Rogue vs. PENTA Sports

  • Millenium 2:1 Team Liquid

The Season 7 Finals are down to just four teams. The first match of Sunday will feature the number one seeds from NA and EU: Rogue and PENTA Sports. Later the future of Siege Esports will be revealed during a half-hour long panel. After that Millenium will face yet another Brazilian opponent, Team Liquid, who will seek revenge for FaZe Clan’s defeat. Just before the grand final, Operation Para Bellum will be fully revealed. Expect to learn all the details about Maestro’s and Alibi’s abilities and the upcoming competitive map, Villa!
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