Team Liquid wins a historic grand final!

Team Liquid wins a historic grand final!

That was a tournament of many firsts. For the first time ever Pro League finals were hosted in the United States of America. For the first time ever PENTA Sports lost the grand final. And most importantly, for the first time ever a LATAM team took the prestigious championship title.
Team Liquid, being the last Brazilian hope after FaZe Clan’s defeat in quarterfinals, were craving not only a revenge on Millenium, but also an ultimate victory. After their victory over Fnatic (which turned out to be the only 2-0 in the entire tournament), Team Liquid managed to defeat Millenium. Despite outclassing them on the first map and winning 5 rounds in a row, the French-Belgian team managed to come back and push the Brazilians to their limit. After a nail-biting overtime on Border the Brazilians managed to deny an all-European grand final. On the other side of the bracket PENTA Sports, the most accomplished R6 team to date, dispatched the local fan favourites, Rogue. The stage for the grand final was set.
The ultimate match started with an unexpectedly swift game on Bank. Team Liquid managed to win only one round and it seemed like PENTA Sports will win yet another title. But that was only the beginning of one of the most exciting Pro League matches of all time. The Brazilians were up 4-1 on Border, but the Europeans woke up just in time to force the overtime. Three rounds later Team Liquid tied the series and brought the entire match to the third and final map: Consulate. The history repeated itself, however this time it was Team Liquid who were in the driving seat. PENTA Sports was unable to win more than one round and Liquid, heavily supported by the local fans, sealed the deal after only six rounds.

Rainbow Six Pro League Season 7 final standings:

  • 1st place – Team Liquid – $75 000 USD
  • 2nd place – PENTA Sports – $30 000 USD
  • 3rd-4th place – Rogue, Millenium – $15 000 USD
  • 5th-8th place – Nora-Rengo, Evil Geniuses, FaZe Clan, Fnatic – $8 000 USD

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