Sign up for Challenger League qualifiers

Sign up for Challenger League qualifiers

Fight your way through the online qualifiers and join the Challenger League! The journey to the Rainbow Six Pro League begins this month. Once again, the Challenger League qualifiers will be divided into two stages: open tournaments and play-offs.

Anyone can sign-up to the first stage of the qualifiers apart from the current Challenger and Pro League teams. Tournaments will take place every Saturday in Europe, North America and Latin America, starting from June 30th. Participants will compete for points based on their performance. Depending on the amount of signed up teams, eight or sixteen teams will advance to the next stage based on their ranking, determined by their total points. Please note that winning only one of the tournaments does not guarantee a slot in the play-offs! In order to qualify, we recommend playing in all four tournaments to gather as many points as possible. Stage 2 will begin on July 16th, with the eight or sixteen of the highest scoring teams and the previous season dropouts, being seeded into a double elimination bracket with only four Challenger League available slots.

In APAC, the competition format consists of four online double-elimination qualifier cups starting July 21st and running through August 12th.

How to sign up?

Sign-ups for all of the upcoming twelve tournaments (four per region) are already open. Gather your team and secure your slot in the competition!