The first week of R6PL has concluded

The first week of R6PL has concluded

Season 8 has just begun and it's already full of surprises! After five play days and 20 matches we are still far from crowning the Pro League champions, but even at this stage every single point matters. Over the course of the next few months each team will have to play 14 matches in total, so the current leaderboards can still chance drastically!

North America:

The North American Pro League started with a single play day. The results were as expected: the favourites came out on top, however the final scores might have been a slight surprise. SK Gaming was very close to tying the series against the last season's NA champions, Rogue. However, SpaceStation Gaming's flawless victory was the highlight of the day. SSG's roster, reinforced by Shuttle and Rampy won 6 rounds in a row and defeated the newcomers, Cloud9 (ex-beastcoast).


  • Rogue 6-4 SK Gaming
  • Noble esports 6:4 mousesports
  • Evil Geniuses 6:2 Obey Alliance
  • SpaceStation Gaming 6-0 Cloud9

Latin America:

As expected, the results in Latin America turned out to be... unexpectable. Perhaps the most surprising result were Bootkamp Gaming's victory over FaZe Clan and the draw between Black Dragons and Ninjas in Pyjamas. Right now only the Season 7 champions, Team Liquid, have a completely clean record after defeating Bootkamp Gaming and Immortals.


  • Black Dragons 5-5 Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • FaZe Clan 5-5 Immortals
  • Team Liquid 6-4 Bootkamp Gaming
  • Team oNe eSports 2-6 paiN Gaming
  • Team oNe eSports 6-3 Ninjas in Pyjamas
  • Team Liquid 6-3 Immortals
  • Black Dragons 5-5 paiN Gaming
  • FaZe Clan 4-6 Bootkamp Gaming


The results in the European Pro League turned out to be the most even. I don't know and PENTA Sports are currently sitting on a comfortable 2 win streak, while Supremacy and Mock-it Esports have yet to win a match. Team Vitality and Millenium have 4 points each after scoring a single victory and one tie.


  • Team Vitality 6-1 Mock-it Esports
  • i don't know 6-4 Chaos
  • PENTA Sports 6-2 Supremacy
  • Millenium 5-5 OrgLess
  • i don't know 6-2 Mock-it Esports
  • Millenium 6-3 Supremacy
  • PENTA Sports 6-4 OrgLess
  • Team Vitality 5-5 Chaos

Week #2:

The second week of Rainbow Six Pro League will feature four play days. North America will catch up to the other regions with two play days in a row. The schedule for LATAM and EU will remain as usual. Tune in on Monday and Tuesday at 20:00 EDT for NA R6PL. The broadcast for LATAM will begin on Wednesday at 19:00 BRT and Thursday (starting from 19:00 CEST) will be dedicated to EU. Every single match will be casted live by KiXSTAr, Interrobang, mzo and Milosh.

Find out more:

If you missed any of the matches, you can get up to speed by watching the VODs on our official YouTube playlist!

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