Competition is heating up in APAC - The season so far

Competition is heating up in APAC - The season so far

With the APAC region taking a break from Season 8 of the Rainbow6 Pro League we find ourselves with a lot to reflect on from the season so far. From insane plays to under-dog victories we've seen it all come out of the APAC region!

Holding strong at the top of the ANZ ladder are Athletico, who after suffering their first loss to current 3rd place team Darksided, are yet to concede another match-up. Following close behind are regional favorites Fnatic who are only separated by 2 Draws (4 pts) and a 6:4 loss to current 6th place team Dedset. 

Looking ahead to the APAC finals, we can expect to see much more intense action from the entirety of the region. We've seen Element Mystic leading the KR ladder and putting up strong performances as they head into the Paris Major, with AsB being another impressive team coming out of the region.

With Rumad being a player to really step up this season, helping his team put up good scorelines against the likes of eiNs and CYCLOPS, RSK from Japan may be a team to keep an eye on in the future.

In the wake of teams like Impetus Gaming and Sound Of The Silencing not quite living up to their potential we've seen Xavier Esports rise through the Challenger League and find their way to the top of the SEA ladder for Season 8!

Season 8 of Pro League APAC continues on September 5th.

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