The first half of Season 8 has concluded

The first half of Season 8 has concluded

Here are the Pro League standings at the halfway mark.

After five action packed weeks, Rainbow Six Pro League Season 8 has reached the halfway point. All 24 teams participating in the North American, Latin American,and European Pro League have collected the first seven weeks of points. While some teams have asserted their dominance and are looking to advance to the Season 8 finals in Rio de Janeiro, the competition is far from over!

North America

Taking a look at the scoreboard, North America is the most balanced region in the Pro League. Every single team has won at least one match, while the scoreboard leaders, SK Gaming, have collected five victories. The two North American powerhouses Rogue and Evil Geniuses are now placed 2nd and 4th. Both teams were expected to dominate the region based in previous season’s performance, however the competition has proven to be fiercer than anticipated. SK Gaming, having only two points over the second place team, is in danger of losing their slight advantage. However, their five-win victory streak should definitely keep morale high. Spacestation Gaming is in a great position to compete for a top 2 finish as well. Trailing behind them are Noble Esports and Cloud9 with 8 points each. At the bottom of the scoreboard we have mousesports and Obey Alliance, who will have to work hard to climb their way up over the next half of the season.


  1. SK Gaming: 5-0-2 (15p)
  2. Rogue: 4-1-2 (13p)
  3. Spacestation Gaming: 3-2-2 (11p)
  4. Evil Geniuses: 3-2-2 (11p)
  5. Noble Esports: 2-2-3 (9p)
  6. Cloud9: 2-2-3 (8p)
  7. Mousesports: 1-3-3 (6p)
  8. Obey Alliance: 1-2-4 (5p)

Latin America

As expected, the reigning Pro League champions, Team Liquid, have secured the number one spot on the LATAM leaderboard. However, their performance was not flawless. With four victories, two draws and one loss, Team Liquid has the same amount of points as Immortals, but thanks to a better round difference, they will end the first half of the season as the highest scoring team in the region. Trailing behind them are FaZe Clan and Team oNe eSports, both with 13 points each. Below them we have Bootkamp Gaming and paiN Gaming, both still in a good place a comeback in the second half of the season. Ninjas in Pyjamas and Black Dragons are at the bottom of the scoreboard, and will have to turn things around in the second half of the season to avoid the danger of relegations.


  1. Team Liquid: 4-2-1 (14p)
  2. Immortals: 4-2-1 (14p)
  3. FaZe Clan: 4-1-2 (13p)
  4. Team oNe eSports: 4-1-2 (13p)
  5. Bootkamp Gaming: 3-0-4 (9p)
  6. paiN Gaming: 2-2-3 (8p)
  7. Ninjas in Pyjamas: 1-2-4 (5p)
  8. Black Dragons: 0-2-5 (2p)


So far Europe has been dominated by one team: PENTA Sports. The Six Invitational 2018 champions are the only team that has not lost any match in Season 8. However, an unexpected tie in their match with Team Vitality kept them from having a perfect 21 point score. Perhaps the most exciting storyline of EU Pro League is Team Secret’s (previously IDK) performance. They are the only team coming from Challenger League to reach a Top 2 position across all three regions. If IDK’s recent success in the international tournaments is any indication of what’s to come, then we might see the underdogs going straight to Season 8 finals. However, the other competitors will not give up so easily. Millenium, OrgLess and Mock-it Esports have won three matches each which means the competition will be close next season. Team Vitality is currently sitting at 6th place, which might be below their fans’ expectations based on last season and their recent LAN performance. Chaos and Supremacy are in danger of losing their Pro League spots, but they still have seven more matches to play to possibly claw their way back to the middle part of the leaderboard.


  1. PENTA Sports: 6-1-0 (19p)
  2. IDK: 4-2-1 (14p)
  3. Millenium: 3-2-2 (11p)
  4. OrgLess: 3-1-3 (10p)
  5. Mock-it Esports: 3-0-4 (9p)
  6. Team Vitality: 2-2-3 (8p)
  7. Chaos: 1-2-4 (5p)
  8. Supremacy: 0-2-5 (2p)

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