Xavier Esports: The Journey So Far

Xavier Esports: The Journey So Far

It’s the 11th of March, 2018. The open qualifiers for Season 7 of the Southeast Asia (SEA) Pro League are being played out. You only realise that such qualifiers exist after the first two rounds elapse, but inexperience playing in a competitive context sees your team essentially wash out of the fourth and fifth rounds. On the final day, you collect yourselves and proceed to smash every team, finally having the region sit up and take notice. Alas, the strong results on the last day were not enough, and you miss out on the Pro League by a hair.

That, ladies and gentlemen, is exactly what happened to Xavier Esports. Striving to make it to the Pro League, and with more than enough quality to do exactly that, they were unfortunately denied by their own hand.

“We knew we could beat any team, but we lost to Scrypt who was very strong at that time, and in our bad luck we got forfeited for our first match,” said Sillapakorn “Lycolis” Dokmaikhaw about the qualifiers.

The team did not give up, however, and was inducted into the inaugural Asia-Pacific (APAC) Challenger League in SEA. Despite missing out on the Pro League, they took the setback as a valuable lesson, and fought their way through the Challenger League (CL). With their incredible talent, there was no CL team that posed a threat to them, and they found themselves comfortably in first place at the end of the season. Going up against Sound of the Silencing in the old format of the relegations, they beat them with little difficulty, and secured themselves a slot in Season 8 of the Pro League (PL) - a full 3 months after their Season 7 failure.

Now in with the big boys, only a week’s worth of PL games would be played before they would face SEA titans Aerowolf in the Six Major Paris Qualifiers. While they would fall 2-0 to their Singaporean brethren in the final of Stage 2 bracket, Xavier would be resilient as ever, and quietly work upon plugging their gaps.

Flexing their muscles, they kept pace with Aerowolf in the Pro League, and were only 2nd in the standings up until the 9th play day, only dropping a single map to Scrypt E-Sports in the process. Now, though, they would face Aerowolf once again, and this time, in the Pro League, they would come up on top with a stunning 2-0 victory to snatch provisional first place.

Their superb performance throughout the season had sparked speculation regarding the possibility of the team making it to the APAC LAN Finals in Tokyo, and Xavier would do so in style after a swift 2-0 victory against KlickBait Tactics. Up against Aerowolf once more in the playoff Grand Final, they would repeat their superb win in the Pro League, and defeat their far more experienced opponents by 2 maps to 1 and secure the first seed for the Tokyo Finals.

It has been an incredible journey for the team so far; Xavier climbed through the CL to get to the PL, and achieved qualification to the APAC LAN Finals on their very first try -- and that too as the top seed over Aerowolf.

Being so new to the competitive scene, Xavier is an almost entirely unknown quantity, and recent results have shown that the team is only getting better as each day passes. They are sure to prove a tough challenge for anyone that goes up against them at the Rainbow 6 Season 8 Pro League Finals in Tokyo, and are in with a strong shot to make it all the way to Rio de Janeiro for the global Pro League Finals this season.

Xavier Esports:

  • Chayakorn “Producerboomer” Tsai (Captain)
  • Sillapakorn “Lycolis” Dokmaikhaw
  • Thiti “redsun” Chairoek
  • Chayapat “HealthcareOG” Boonyamanop
  • Surachat “Hajime” Loednaweporn

Catch them in action from the 13th of October to the 14th live from Tokyo on the main Rainbow6 Twitch and YouTube channels, and share your predictions with us on Twitter!