Competitive ruling: Black Dragons

Competitive ruling: Black Dragons

After the investigation regarding the alleged match fixing between Black Dragons and FaZe Clan in LATAM Pro League Season 9, ESL has decided to punish the former (Black Dragons) for unsportsmanlike behaviour and providing misleading information.

Based on rules 2.15 and 6.6.7, Black Dragons will be punished for not being able to show up on schedule, which equals to one major penalty point. However, according to rule 6.15.4 of the rule book, Black Dragons will receive an additional major penalty point due to Internet issues that were caused by deliberate actions taken by members of the team. Being unable to continue the match in an appropriate time, Black Dragons were also punished with a 0-7 loss.

There is no concrete evidence to confirm the claim that FaZe Clan or its members were involved in match fixing and therefore no action will be taken against the team.

Black Dragons have received 2 major penalty points in total, which results in 20% of the prize money being deducted from their Season 9 winnings.

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