Competitive ruling: Scrypt

Competitive ruling: Scrypt

On July 11th, “Rixx” a competing player from Scrypt (registered team within the Rainbow 6 Pro League Season 10 APAC SEA Division) received an in-game toxicity ban prior to their match against Aerowolf. As per Rule 6.13 Publisher or ESIC Bans within the R6 Pro League rulebook (see below) Rixx would be deemed ineligible to compete in the Pro League. Administration staff were informed by the team that a registered Substitute player, “WildLotus”, would step in for the match.

After the conclusion of the match, Administration were flagged that “Rixx” was potentially using “WildLotus” account to play from. The act of using another player’s account to play a league match is in violation of Rule 6.15.3 within the R6 Pro League rulebook (see below).

After a thorough investigation by Administration, it was determined that the player “Rixx” was playing from “Wildlotus’” account and thus was in violation of the rule. At this point, Administration contacted the team to inform them of the information that had been uncovered and the team admitted to this violation.

As per the rule stated in the rulebook, Scrypt is disqualified and banned from the remainder of Season 10.

6.13 Publisher or ESIC Bans
ESL  reserves  the  right  to  refuse  players  who  have  standing  bans from  the  game  publisher  to take  part  in  Rainbow  Six  Pro  League  tournaments.  Also,  ESIC  bans  will  be  honored  and translated into ESL bans.

6.15.3 Ringer/Faker/Disallowed player
Any players involved in these cases will be banned for one season, and any teams involved may be disqualified.