New team licensing rules in Pro League Season XI

New team licensing rules in Pro League Season XI

With the constant evolution of the competitive Rainbow Six: Siege community and its professional scene, it’s time for important changes to ensure a steady and bright future for Pro League. Effective from the beginning of Season XI, new licensing rules have been added to the official Rulebook. 

From now on, organisations competing in the Rainbow Six Pro League can receive a license that is valid until the end of a season. Only an approved legal entity (or the team itself, as previously, in case of rosters without organisations) can be an approved license holder. One entity can acquire only one license, which prevents organisations from owning multiple teams in both Pro League and Challenger League, regardless of the region. This change is designed to improve the communication between all parties, preventing the so called “poaching”, as well as making sure that organisations are fully committed to their involvement in the competitive Rainbow Six: Siege community.

Teams still need to maintain a majority of their rosters to continue participating in the league. These new licensing rules are an answer to the new, demanding landscape of the professional community. With the newest changes, we aim to create a more stable and secure environment for organisations, and we also expect them to fully support their rosters. It also means holding the organisations and teams to higher standards. 

For further details, please refer to Article 2.10 and its sub-points, as well as any other Articles that were affected by the new License rules. The Rulebook can be found here.

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