Frequently Asked Questions

Generally, how do the US Nationals work? What is the format of the season?

The Rainbow 6 US Nationals is a competition focused on the United States of America. From April to October, teams will compete in various tournaments in order to qualify sample papers are truly useful free site for the live finals in December and compete for their share of the prize pool. Overall, the season consists of five parts. Also note that the competition is split into a Western and Eastern Conference. The first three are the Online Qualification Stages 1, 2 and 3 for each conference. The fourth part is the Wild Card tournament for each Conference. The season concludes with the fifth part which are the US National Finals. On a weekly basis, teams compete on Saturdays in open tournaments in either the Eastern or Western Conference starting at 3PM Pacific time. The Conference playoffs are then broadcasted on on Tuesday and Thurssday starting at 5PM Pacific time. See here for the full schedule. From each of the 3 Stages, the best team from each Conference qualifies directly into the US National Finals. The Wild Card tournament is the last chance to qualify for the US National Finals from each Conference. The US National Finals will showcase the 8 best teams from across the United States in December. More information on the live finals will be made available soon.

What is the format of a match?

All online matches, except for Conference Finals, and Wild Card Finals are played as best-of-1. If the best-of-1 ends in a tie (both teams hit 5 round wins [5-5]), then overtime occurs.

The tie is resolved/overtime ends when the first team is up by 2 rounds (example: 9-7) and hence is the victor for the match. This is explained in the rulebook under section 3.2.20 Overtime.

Offline matches will be played as best-of-3.

What can teams win?

Teams that qualify for the US National Finals will be awarded with an all expense paid trip to the live finals to compete for a chance to be crowned Team USA.

Further, there is a nice chunk of prize money to be won. The US National Finals will feature a total prize pool of $50,000 with a handsome $20,000 going to the first place team.

Per stage, there is a total $3,000 to be won with $1,000 going to the first place team in each Conference. For more detailed information, please check section 1.7.1 in the US Nationals Rulebook.

Is the US Nationals open to anyone from the 50 US States only, or do the US territories also count?

Only legal US residents from the 50 continental states are allowed to enter the competition. Competitors from the US territories outside of the 50 states are not eligible to compete.

Players have to compete from within the 50 states to be eligible to play (e.g. you cannot compete from Canada).

Do you have to have US residency or the US nationality to be allowed to compete?

Players must be considered legal residents of the United States of America at all times of competition in order to be eligible to compete. This means that players must either have a US citizenship OR be foreigners living in the US on a green card/permanent residency, or have valid work, student, or athlete visa status. Tourist visas do not grant eligibility.

How old do I have to be to compete in the US Nationals?

You have to be 18 years of age or older at the time when you sign up to compete.

How do I decide which conference to play in? Are the any restrictions?

There is no geographic division of the conferences. As long as the team has not qualified for the US National Finals, players and teams are free to choose the conference they want to compete in on a week-by-week basis.

What if half my team is from the East coast, and the other half from the West coast?

No problem. Together with your team, decide which conference you want to compete in and sign-up for that one.

How many players can be on my registered team?

Teams must have a minimum of 5 players registered in order to sign up for and play in the Online Qualifiers. There is no maximum number of players that can be registered on a team.

Will the games officially be streamed and casted?

For online matches, the weekly Qualifier Finals, Conference Finals and Wild Card Finals will all be broadcasted by ESL. Broadcasts generally take place on Fridays and start at 5PM Pacific time on See the full schedule here.

For the US National Finals, all matches will be broadcasted by ESL on

For matches that are not officially streamed, can community casters or players stream these?

We’re happy to have the community become involved and bring more Rainbow 6 US Nationals to the people. As long as ESL is not streaming a match and you’re utilizing a 3-minute delay on your stream, you are generally allowed to stream the matches. Tweet @ESLRainbowSix or @R6ProLeague for a chance to get your stream RT’ed.

Ubisoft and ESL retain the right to request any streaming to be stopped for any reason.

Will games be recorded and be available as VODs?

All matches broadcasted by ESL will be available as VODs. You’ll be able to find them right here or on the Rainbow 6 YouTube channel.

Which team hosts the game?

The team with the higher seed (lower number in the bracket) gets the right to host on a dedicated server. This is explained in the Rulebook under section 3.2.3 Game Hosting. Seed Number Example

Will there be Operator Bans / 6th pick?

Yes, the US Nationals will be using the same match rule set as is used for the weekly Go4 series. The setup for the Operator Bans and 6th pick can be found under section 3.2.6 Match Settings.

What is the map pool for the Rainbow 6 US Nationals?

  • Bank
  • Border
  • Club House
  • Consulate
  • Coastline
  • Oregon
  • Villa

The map pool will stay as these seven throughout the entirety of the competition to provide a fair and even playing field for all teams across all Conferences, Stages, and Finals.

Will there be a protest system in case of potentially cheating? If so, how does that work?

Yes, there is. All protests will be handled through the ESL Play ticket system. To submit a protest ticket, please navigate to your match page on ESL Play, find “Match Setup (enter result, reschedule)” and then “Submit Protest”. Please find more details in the Rulebook under section 1.12 Match Protests.

Who should players contact in case of issues or questions?

Players should submit a protest ticket from their match page on the and all protests will be handled by the admin team.

Players may message the admin team using the #support section of the ESL R6:S USN Discord, but all protest issues must be handled in a protest ticket on the Play site as it is the only place we officially handle these types of issues.

How long do they have to submit a report?

Generally for online matches, teams have 30 minutes after the completion of their match to submit a protest.  All Protest times and rules are defined and can be found under section 1.12.2 Match Protest Rules in the Rulebook.

Do teams need to provide a team logo to play?

Teams are not required to have a team logo to play. For broadcast purposes, ESL reserves the right to use pre-made assets to represent teams without logos, or where none were provided, on the US National broadcasts.

Can teams play under their Pro League or Challenger League name?

Yes, as long as teams conform to all other requirements placed upon the team by the US Nationals rule set and no claim by the organization in Pro League or Challenger League is made against using that name.

If a team plays under the name of a Pro League team does it need to be with the same roster as in the Pro League (or Challenger League)?

Teams participating in the US Nationals will have to comply with the requirements placed on them by this competition. This means that their US Nationals roster may be different from other competitions in order to comply with US Nationals eligibility rules.

Can one organisation have multiple teams competing in the US Nationals?

No. In line with Pro League, all organizations are only allowed to have one team competing in the US Nationals, regardless of the Conferences.

Is the Nationals going to be a single event or will it be recurring?

We are excited for the inaugural season of the Rainbow 6 US Nationals in 2019. We are working hard to make it a fun competition for all players with great rewards and we are looking forward to growing the competition together with the community in the future.

Where can I learn more about the US Nationals?

Be sure to stay tuned to our social media channels to always be up to date on the latest information. On Twitter you can find us @ESLRainbowSix and @R6ProLeague. For Facebook head over to ESLRainbowSix.