For the second second season, qualification will be broken up into three stages, with the competition landscape split customwritings site into two Conferences: Eastern and Western.

During each stage there will be two opportunities to sign-up, compete, and qualify for the US National Finals on PC. During these two online qualifiers, competition will be narrowed down through a single-elimination, best-of-1 bracket until two teams remain. These two teams will compete in a best-of-three match later that same week, streamed live on our official broadcast. The winner of this match will earn a spot at the Conference final.

During the Conference Final, teams will compete in a best-of-3 match to determine who will compete in the National Finals.

Once all three stages have concluded, the remaining spots will be determined through a Wild Card Qualifier. This will be a single-elimination, best-of-1 bracket, with a best-of-3 finals match on a separate broadcast day, similar to the regular season.

To sign up, head over to or check out the schedule below: