Introduction the R6USN Finalists: Rogue

Introduction the R6USN Finalists: Rogue

As the Vegas finals fast approach, it’s an ideal time to explore the teams that will be taking to the stage. This time, Rogue are in our crosshairs!

To kick things off, let’s meet the team:

Easilyy – Starting out on the Xbox One, Easilyy quickly took to competitive play. Once the Pro-League was ended for the Xbox, he moved to the PC.

VertcL – VertcL got into Siege early, also on the Xbox, and rose through ranked play before getting involved in the competitive scene, but migrated to PC after the closing of the Xbox Pro-League.

Shuttle – Much like Easilly and VertcL, Shuttle kicked off his Rainbow Six career on the Xbox One and followed his teammates when the Xbox Pro-League stopped by joining the PC scene.

Slashug – After joining Siege early on in it’s lifetime, Slashug quickly grew into the competitive scene after high level ranked play.

Ecl9pse – Also an early adopter, Ecl9pse also quickly took to competitive play.

Ranger – Much like his teammates, Ranger started playing Siege in the early days, joining the competitive scene very quickly.

So we’ve met the team, but what are the team’s thought on the tournament? I asked them a few questions to find out.

How, if at all, has the USN differed from the Pro and Challenger League?

“For the USN, we got to go back through open qualifiers which is always a different experience, playing matches back to back without any preparation time.”

What’s the team’s proudest moment of the USN so far?

“It would have been a disappointment if we didn’t qualify, right now all we’ve done is meet expectations, at this point we’re looking for a win in the finals.”

Check out Rogue’s qualifying match at the VOD link below:

Which team from the Eastern Conference are the team most looking forward to playing at Vegas?

“Evil Geniuses are looking to be a great team to play!”

Massive thanks to Rogue for their answers. If you want to see Rogue clash swords with the other teams at LAN, then come along on December 15th and 16th at the Rio Hotel’s Penn and Teller Theatre in Las Vegas by picking up your tickets at

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