Introduction to the R6USN Finalists: Cloud9

Introduction to the R6USN Finalists: Cloud9

As the Vegas finals fast approach, it’s an ideal time to explore the teams that will be taking to the stage. This time, Cloud9 are in the spotlight!

First of all, let’s talk a walk through the roster:

Retro – Retro started out by playing competitive Call of Duty, before moving to Rainbow Six on the recommendation of friends. After finding he had an aptitude for it, he went on to play competitively and went on to win the Season 3 Championship!

FoxA – FoxA began in the competitive CS:GO scene, before catching the Rainbow Six bug! He took a brief break to play competitive Overwatch, but is now back on Rainbow Six full-time.

LaXInG – After beginning on the Xbox, LaXInG went on to win two championships on the console. After the Pro-League switched to become a PC exclusive, he followed it!

Goddess – Goddess also began by playing on Xbox , where she met LaXInG and other Xbox players. Like LaXInG, she also switched to PC, where she formed a team that climbed up through the challenger league.

Mark – Unlike his teammates, Mark kicked off his Rainbow Six career on the PS4. But much like his teammates, switched to playing on the PC after the Pro-League became PC exclusive.

Last but by no means least, Cloud9’s team manager…

Tifa – Tifa launched as an event/tournament organizer for Esports Arena, and became involved with the Overwatch community as a TO, then later became a manager for Complexity’s Overwatch team. Eventually she was hired by Cloud9 as a member of their management team, and was blessed by the Rainbow Six team!

So that’s the team, but we can still get to know them better! I spoke to Cloud9 and asked them a few questions about the tourney so far:

How, if at all, has the USN differed from the Pro and Challenger League?

“USN has been interesting since its for US residents only. Since many NA pro league teams have a member or two from either Canada or Mexico, this means that some teams were either unable to participate or are playing with a sub if their organization weren’t able to acquire an athletic Visa, like Cloud9 did for FoxA. It’s great to see other teams qualify other than the usual teams from Pro League.”

What’s the team’s proudest moment of the USN so far?

“Our proudest moment so far has got to be defeating Mouz in Qualifier #2 of Stage 2 and then defeating Obey right after in order to secure our spot for USN. We were fresh off of our win from Dreamhack Montreal and we wanted to show that we could keep the momentum going. Both of those teams were really great teams that played well so we were happy we were able to come out on top.”

Check out the VOD of those matches at the links below:

Which team from the Western Conference are the team most looking forward to playing at Vegas?

“Honestly, we are looking forward to playing all of the teams in USN. A lot of rosters were shaken up in this period between seasons and we are one of the few teams that made no changes. We can’t wait to see what these new teams will bring to the table.”

Massive thanks to Cloud9 for their answers! They promise to be a force to reckoned with as they clash horns with the other teams at the Vegas finals, and if you want to be in the room as they battle it out, come along on December 15th and 16th at the Rio Hotel’s Penn and Teller Theatre in Las Vegas by picking up your tickets at

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