Introduction to the R6USN Finalists: Evil Geniuses

Introduction to the R6USN Finalists: Evil Geniuses

As the Vegas finals fast approach, it’s an ideal time to explore the teams that will be taking to the stage. This time, Evil Geniuses are up!

Let’s talk a walk through the roster:

Gotcha – Currently coaching Evil Geniuses, Gotcha has a history as a player going back to April where he played with Friends Gaming as well as with BitterSweet during the Paris Major. He left Disrupt Gaming to join Evil Geniuses in October.

nvK – nvK is a veteran of the Rainbow Six pro scene, having won the Year 1 Season 3 Pro-League with Continuum, who he was playing for until November of 2017 when he would join Evil Geniuses. He would go on to help them to a number of victories, including the Season 8 Pro-League. He is known to main support and anti-utility operator Thatcher.

Canadian – Team captain Canadian is a familiar name in the pro scene. He also spent time with Continuum, before making the transition to Evil Geniuses alongside nvK in November of 2017, where he lead them to victory in the OGA PIT Series and a close second in the 2018 Six Invitational and Paris Major. He is known to be highly skilled with agile operators such as Ash and Vigil.

Yung – Starting out with a Team Orbit all the way back in Year 1 Season 1, Yung continued on to join Continuum where they would win the 2017 Invitational and Year 1 Season 2 Pro-League before the lineup was acquired by Evil Geniuses at the end of 2017.

Necrox – Necrox joined Continuum in October of 2016 where he would, along with his team mates run to a number of high profile victories before the roster was acquired by Evil Geniuses in November of 2017. In September of 2018 Necrox stepped into coaching for a short time, but is now back to playing.

Evil Geniuses have an all-star line up that are not used to losing. To watch them battle for the title of Best of the US live, come along on December 15th and 16th at the Rio Hotel’s Penn and Teller Theatre in Las Vegas by picking up your tickets at

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