Introduction to the R6USN Finalists: Orgless

Introduction to the R6USN Finalists: Orgless

As the Vegas finals fast approach, it’s an ideal time to explore the teams that will be taking to the stage. This time, Orgless step up to the plate!

To kick things off, let’s meet the team:

Acid – Acid got into the competitive scene after playing a ton of ranked then climbing the ladder into the Pro-League. All that experience made him and the team very well placed to take on the US Nationals.

Yeti – Starting gaming at just five years old, Yeti became hooked on Rainbow Six during the closed beta and has been playing ever since for a grand total of three years! His competitive skills are backed up by his background of sports and unusually, wakeboarding!

Modigga – After falling in love with the Rainbow Six Vegas series on Xbox 360, Modigga leapt on Siege on release, but was initially put off by just how different it was to its predecessors. He would return the PS4 rather on and would quickly rise up the ranks, but inspired by by the control and precision of professional CS:GO players, he would migrate to PC. Ever since he has chased that same perfection that initially inspired him.

Krazy – Krazy started out on console during the open beta, but as he got better and better, he switched to PC so that he could compete competitively in the Pro-League

ZZ – Proud of his team from their work in Pro-League, ZZ is determined to bulldoze the competition at Vegas.

UnrealGS– Ever since the beta, Unreal has been hooked on Siege on doesn’t show any sign of slowing down! The game has changed his life and he is ready and excited to get stuck in to his first ever LAN event. He is determined to win!

So we’ve met the team, but what do they think about the USN? I asked them a few questions to find out.

How, if at all, has the USN differed from the Pro and Challenger League?

“The USN qualifiers were based around a BO3 (best of 3) structure rather than the Pro-League’s BO1 which was an interesting change, we also got to face teams from outside of the Pro-League from places such as the Challenger-League which provided some fresh perspectives.”

What’s the team’s proudest moment of the USN so far?

“Our proudest moment would have to be when we defeated mousesports to secure a qualifier win in the first shot!”

Watch that explosive match at the VOD link below:

Which team from the Western Conference are the team most looking forward to playing at Vegas?

“We’re definitely looking to forward to playing against SpaceStation Gaming.”

SpaceStation also won their first qualifier so make fitting rivals for Orgless!

Thanks again to Orgless for talking to us. They are really shaping up to be difficult to match titans as they move forward into the finals, and if you want to watch that play out in person, then come along on December 15th and 16th at the Rio Hotel’s Penn and Teller Theatre in Las Vegas by picking up your tickets at

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