Introduction to the R6USN Finalists: Rise Nation

Introduction to the R6USN Finalists: Rise Nation

As the Vegas finals fast approach, it’s an ideal time to explore the teams that will be taking to the stage. This time, we shine a light on Rise Nation!

Let’s take a walk through the roster:

Beastly – Alongside England, Beastly is one of the most experienced players in the team, having started off his career all the way back in 2016 with the Year 1 Season 1 Pro-League on the Xbox One with PickYourPoison. He played for 1nFamy and Bird University in the interim until early 2018 when he would get picked up by Mousesports who would later become Rise Nation. During play, Beastly has the role of captain.

Vandal – Vandal joined Rainbow during Year 2 Season 1, where he joined 1nFamy and helped them to push into a Challenger League victory. He would move with his teammate Beastly to Bird University, and then to Mousesports, with short breaks to play in CCS Championship Series matches. He became a member of Rise Nation along with his teammates from Mousesports in November.

Hyper – Much like Ghxst, Hyper played for Disrupt Gaming before coming to Mousesports and Rise Nation. He made a short trip back to his former team during the CCS Championship Series in September but became a member of Rise Nation like his Mousesports cohort.

Ghxst – A relative newcomer to the scene, Ghxst made an explosive appearance at Dreamhack Austin 2018 playing for Disrupt Gaming, before joining Elephant Gang in June where he would see some good play before moving to Rise Nation late in the game in November. The LAN will be his first live play with Rise Nation.

England – An old hand in Rainbow, England joined the pro scene back in Year 1 Season 1 playing for InstincT GG. He would play for EXcellence Gaming briefly before finding a more permanent place with Elevate after moving to the PC from the Xbox. He joined Mousesports in August as the USN began, and became Rise Nation like his teammates in November.

Rise Nation has a varied but experienced team who look to be ready to produce some incredible play on December 15th and 16th at the Rio Hotel’s Penn and Teller Theatre in Las Vegas by picking up your tickets at

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