Introduction to the R6USN Finalists: Spacestation Gaming

Introduction to the R6USN Finalists: Spacestation Gaming

As the Vegas finals fast approach, it’s an ideal time to explore the teams that will be taking to the stage. This time, Spacestation Gaming step up to the plate!

To kick things off, let’s meet the team:

ThinkingNade – A veteran of the Rainbow Six pro scene, ThinkingNade started out in the Pro-League during Year 2 with Most Wanted eSports and would join Spacestation Gaming in March of 2018 as one of the initial signings, alongside some of his teammates.

Chala – Chala also join Rainbow Six in the Year 2 Pro-League with Lethal Gaming, later on he would join Most Wanted eSports where he would meet ThinkingNade, who he would sign alongside when Spacestation Gaming was formed back in March.

Redeemer – Unlike his teammates, Redeemer has been around since day one, when he played for Elevate during the Year 1 Season 1 Pro-League. Much like ThinkingNade and Chala. He went on to join Most Wanted eSports in the later stages on Year 2, and went on to sign to Spacestation Gaming alongside his teammates, ThinkingNade and Chala.

Rampy – Rampy is a later arrival to Spacestation Gaming, having joined them in June, but he has a strong history in Rainbow Six. Including winning the Challenger League with Noble eSports in April.

Bosco – A fresh face to the team, but not to the scene! Bosco joined Spacestation Gaming in late October, but he is a familiar face around the Leagues. For example he helped Elevate to a victory in the 2017 Six Invitational on Xbox One!

So we’ve met the team, but what do they think about the USN? I asked them a few questions to find out.

How, if at all, has the USN differed from the Pro and Challenger League?

“The USN is different to the other leagues as it’s the first US only LAN event, which has proved to be interesting.”

What’s the team’s proudest moment of the USN so far?

“Our proudest moment would have to be winning the first seed qualifier for the western conference.”

Have a look at that gripping match at the VOD link below:

Which team from the Eastern Conference are the team most looking forward to playing at Vegas?

“The team we’re most looking forward to playing from the eastern conference is Cloud9.”

Thanks again to Spacestation Gaming for their answers. Spacestation Gaming are shaping up to produce some amazing play, and if you want to watch it live then come along on December 15th and 16th at the Rio Hotel’s Penn and Teller Theatre in Las Vegas by picking up your tickets at

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