R6 USN Stage 1 Week 1 Recap

R6 USN Stage 1 Week 1 Recap

The 2019 season of the Rainbow 6 US Nationals kicked off with an incredible week of gameplay marked by tenured teams such as Rogue, Team Reciprocity, and the Soniqs taking on new faces including oC, Dream Chasers, and more! An open Qualifier is hosted each weekend to determine who advances to the Top Four broadcasts on Tuesday and Thursday. Four teams from each conference, Eastern and Western, battled to secure their spot in the Stage 1 Semifinals. From there, the winners will play in the finals to determine which teams will advance to the US Nationals 2019 Championship and play for the title of Team USA.

Western Conference

Week 1’s Western Conference Qualifier featured some fresh challengers as Scilla’s Guerillas and Members Only would be taking on the storied rosters of Team Reciprocity and Rogue. The first match had Members Only challenging the defending US Nationals Champions, Rogue. Rogue would be fielding their starting five including Slashug, Easily, Ecl9pse, VertcL_, and Shuttle. Members Only’s roster featured Gavin, GunHavoK, Habibi, Six, and Timzy. With the map pick locked in, Rogue started their defense on Border. Things were off to a shaky start for Team USA, as they fell to a 0-2 deficit. They would answer back, but only to bring their defensive half to a 3-3 scoreline. As Members Only took over on attack, we saw Rogue take over the game. They dropped only one round on their wait to a 7-4 victory, locking themselves in to the final for the night.

The second Western Conference game of the evening pitted Abunai, Nuggs, NotLoading, Mex, and Tehmper of Scilla’s Guerillas against the accomplished side of Team Reciprocity. Team Rec’s roster of Retro, FoxA, LaXInG, MarkTheShark, and Skys would start off defending on Border. Scilla’s Guerillas were off to a rough start as they fell 0-3 in their first rounds. The rest of the match saw both teams trading 3 rounds at a team until the veteran Team Reciprocity found a way to break the streak and win 7-4.

Our final matchup had been decided: Rogue vs. Team Reciprocity. The map pick was a departure from Border for the first time tonight, as these teams traveled to Coastline to determine who would be moving on to the Stage 1 Semifinals. Rogue chose to begin on defense, but would only collect two rounds in the half. Team Reciprocity would be up 4-2 at halftime, but allowed Rogue to pick up the slack and even the score with their first two attack rounds. Starting off Team Rec’s defense, Mark was able to knock down two players as Mira and confirm both kills with a melee! The teams went back and forth, but Team Reciprocity was able to go the distance and defeat Rogue 7-4.

Eastern Conference

The Eastern Conference Qualifier was marked by a number of younger squads, featuring Peak Everything Esports, Soniqs, oC, and Dream Chasers. The first match of Thursday evening showcased the Soniqs going head to head with Peak Everything Esports.  The Soniqs roster featured a number of tenured names including Supr, Goddess, Avian, Neptunez, and GhxsT. They’d be matching up against UnJust, WholesaleMilk, Tnse, Obs1, and AnthonymGS of Peak Everything Esports. The map pick of Coastline had the Soniqs starting off on the defensive side. The Soniqs looked almost unbeatable on defense, as they locked up the half 5-1. With only two rounds to win on attack, the Soniqs quickly secured their spot in the evening’s final game with a dominant 7-1 score.

The next game played would determine whether oC or Dream Chasers would be taking on the Soniqs in the final for the evening. The Dream Chasers side consisted of Cloudstruck, CookieZ, Affected, Nig4tmar3, and filthy. They’d be challenging Oasis, Art, Fultz, GurmyWormy, and Merc of oC. This match would be headed to Club House, with oC choosing to be first to defend. During oC’s defense, Fultz was able to prevent the plant on Echo and take the win on time. The first half proved to be a back and forth affair, ending in a deadlocked 3-3 scoreline. However, oC’s attack proved to be overwhelming for the newer side, as Dream Chasers would drop all but one round and fall 7-4.

With Soniqs and oC both taking wins, the final match of the evening was set. Crowd favorites on both sides set up an explosive matchup. Picks and bans determined that Club House would be the battlefield, and oC chose to defend. The Soniqs would only drop two rounds on their attack, and switched sides with a 4-2 advantage. Ghxst gave the Soniqs their fourth round by flicking on to a sneaking Merc. Avian would follow this up by lining up three kills with Kaid. With only three rounds to win, the Soniqs secured the match in astounding fashion. Goddess would pull off an unthinkably good 1v2 clutch disarm that had the casters screaming and not only gave her the top play of the week, but secured a 7-2 victory and Stage 1 Semifinal berth for the Soniqs.

If you’d like to see the Top 5 plays in action, watch Fultz, Mark, Ghxst, Avian, and Goddess pull off their highlights on YouTube!

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