R6 USN Stage 1 Week 2 Recap

R6 USN Stage 1 Week 2 Recap

Week 2 of the Rainbow Six US Nationals followed up an explosive week of play by offering something a bit different to the star studded teams of Week 1. This week of US Nationals gameplay showcased eight teams with a wide range of experience from the veteran defending Team USA Rogue to the untested roster of Team Emcee and everything in between! All eight teams fought their way through open qualifier brackets for a spot in our Top 4 broadcasts. A win in the Top 4 advances them to playoffs for the stage with the finalist booking a ticket to the US National 2019 Championship!

Western Conference

This week’s Western Conference Qualifier kicked off with Our Bad versus Nokturnal. The Our Bad roster featured Karnageb, Toughy, RaVsv, Cali, and Bexstly. They’d be going up against CobrA, Albatroas, d4v3y, Kardama, and pvtrick of Nokturnal. The Nokturnal side would choose to attack first on Consulate, but got off to a rough start. Our Bad raced to a 4-0 lead over the opposing side. Cali capped off the win streak with a remarkable triple kill including confirming one with a Nitro Cell from range. His team would go on to only drop one round on their defense, giving them a 5-1 lead at half. Nokturnal showed they were down but not out after half as they’d string together three rounds in reply. Our Bad eventually answered with a round of their own, and both sides would trade rounds. As Our Bad moved to match point, Albatroas would pick up three kills on Smoke during a garage defense for Nokturnal to save them from defeat. His efforts were all for not, as Our Bad would win the next round and claim a 7-5 victory.

The second Western Conference game of the evening pitted the veterans of Rogue against Holy Wata. Defending Team USA would be fielding a stand-in, however, as ad9m would play in place of Easilyy due to complications with travel. Slashug, VertcL, Shuttle, and Ecl9pse would play alongside this emergency substitution against the Holy Wata roster of Blarne, PolGal, Booster, Astor, and Crymagik. Rogue elected to defend on Border and came out flat footed. Through the first three rounds, the shorthanded Rogue side would only pick up a single win. They managed to turn things around in the fourth, and would go on to not drop a single round en route to a 7-3 win over the fresh faces of Holy Wata.

With the final game set, Rogue had quite the challenge on their hands due to their stand-in situation while taking on an Our Bad squad that was looking hot. The vets would pick up the first round on their Coastline defense, but Our Bad answered swiftly with three of their own. Rogue would later stabilize and secure two more on their defense, tying the score up at halftime. They’d grab another to kick off the second half, but that was all she wrote for Rogue as Our Bad would run away with four rounds in a row to secure their spot in the Stage 1 finals. Karnage dealt Rogue the finishing blow with a 1v2 clutch on Jager with match point on the line.

Eastern Conference

Moving to the East, game one would pit Relics, Obi9, Zackmanlol, SharpZ, and CJ_The_Birb of Team Emcee against Cloudstruck, CookieZ, Affected, Nig4tmar3 of Dream Chasers. The Team Emcee roster is one of the least experienced we’d seen so far in the US Nationals, but they were proof that any team can get through the open qualifier and make their way to our live broadcast. Team Emcee would start out on the attacking side as Dream Chasers chose to defend on Consulate. Dream Chasers looked absolutely stalwart on defense as they’d shut out the opposition and take the half 6-0. With just one round left to win, Team Emcee would fall in the seventh and give Dream Chasers a clean sleep.

Following our quickest game of the 2019 US Nationals so far, Thursday’s broadcast would see Honor Among Thieves challenge FrostByte eSports. The Honor Among Thieves roster sported some fan favorites, including Billboard, Benji, Flack, Prompted, and VoN. They’d challenge a FrostByte side featuring Designer, Laced, Project, Warcocc, and Slasher. With the final map of the evening decided, Honor Among Thieves would elect to attack on Club House. FrostByte would bookend the half with wins on the very first and last rounds, while Honor Among Thieves would run away with four in the middle. Both teams looked volatile as they’d go back and forth after halftime, but a massive triple kill clutch from an anchoring VoN on Smoke would put Honor Among Thieves on match point and in the driver’s seat of this match. Honor Among Thieves would walk away with a 7-4 victory and ensure they’ll be playing in the Stage 1 Finals the following week.

If you’d like to see the Top 5 plays in action, watch Albatroas, Shuttle, Cali, VoN, and Karnage pull off their highlights on YouTube!

To find out more about the second week of Rainbow 6 US Nationals action, be sure to check out our weekly show Inside the USN by clicking here!

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