ESL SEC Week 1 in a nutshell!

ESL SEC Week 1 in a nutshell!

ESL Southeast Europe Championship’s week one has been completed, delivering action, tension and beautiful highlights, in all three of its games, League of Legends, Counter Strike Global Offensive and Hearthstone. Let’s have a glimpse.

League of Legends

High pace, experimentation and a lot of back and forth were the core ingredients that determined first week’s flavor. Rift eSports were the big winners, securing 6 points, after being victorious against WLGaming Esports and Random 5. On the other side, Crvena Zvezda eSports collapsed at game 3, offering WLGaming their 3 points so far. Last but not least, LVLup Rhinos versus WiLD by Lagardere Sports battle had a Serbian winner!

Counter Strike – Global Offensive

Hard battles with clutch moments, offered us highlights to be remembered. KlikTech overcame JailonShooting and Invicus Aquilas resistance, securing victory and the juicy 6 points. Primordial squad fought hard, but Toxic came up victorious after a spectacular best of 3.


When pure strategy meets the imponderable factor called luck, great things can happen. SomiTequila could be named champion of week 1, winning 2 times, versus PeraHS and Aubamech, alongside with plavabundeva, who enjoyed joy of victory over Logan and StefanSim. Kapata secured his first points over Aubamech, followed by StefanSim, who claimed victory over Papasmurf. However, “Papa” managed to strike back, offering Logan yet another hard battle to overcome. Kapata’s defenses had fallen short, giving PeraHS the opportunity to claim his first points in the group stage.

Week two is in full swing, with a lot of interesting battles in all three games.

A single question arises: Could victims become victimizers? 


League of Legends Match Date Time
Random 5 vs Crvena Zvezda eSports 04/06/2018 18:00 CEST / 19:00 EEST
WiLD by Lagardere Sports vs x25 eSports 04/06/2018 20:00 CEST / 21:00 EEST
The Teutons vs WiLD by Lagardere Sports 07/06/2018 18:00 CEST / 19:00 EEST
x25 eSports vs LVLup Rhinos 07/06/2018 20:00 CEST / 21:00 EEST
Random 5 vs WLGaming Esports 10/06/2018 18:00 CEST / 19:00 EEST
Crvena Zvezda eSports 10/06/2018 20:00 CEST / 21:00 EEST


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Match Date Time
Nexus vs Toxic 05/06/2018 18:00 CEST / 19:00 EEST
Primordial vs Infamous 05/06/2018 20:00 CEST / 21:00 EEST
Invictus Aquilas vs JailOnShooting 06/06/2018 18:00 CEST / 19:00 EEST
HEADSHOTBG CS:GO vs KlikTech 06/06/2018 20:00 CEST / 21:00 EEST
Invictus Aquilas vs HEADSHOTBG CS:GO 08/06/2018 17:00 CEST / 18:00 EEST
JailOnShooting vs HEADSHOTBG CS:GO 08/06/2018 19:00 CEST / 20:00 EEST
Nexus vs Primordial 09/06/2018 18:00 CEST / 19:00 EEST
Infamous vs Toxic 09/06/2018 20:00 CEST / 21:00 EEST


Hearthstone Match Date Time
Logan vs StefanSim 06/06/2018 18:00 CEST / 19:00 EEST
SomiTequila vs kapata 06/06/2018 19:00 CEST / 20:00 EEST
plavabundeva vs PapaSmurf 06/06/2018 20:00 CEST / 21:00 EEST
PeraHS vs Aubamech 06/06/2018 21:00 CEST / 22:00 EEST
Aubamech vs kapata 07/06/2018 18:00 CEST / 19:00 EEST
PapaSmurf vs StefanSim 07/06/2018 19:00 CEST / 20:00 EEST
PeraHS vs SomiTequila 07/06/2018 20:00 CEST / 21:00 EEST
plavabundeva vs Logan 07/06/2018 21:00 CEST / 22:00 EEST

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