There can only be one - BGW Invitational Closed Qualifiers

There can only be one - BGW Invitational Closed Qualifiers

Returning back to where it all started, to the beautiful city of Bucharest, the longest running multi-gaming tournament in the region, the ESL Southeast Europe Championship, is coming back for yet another season, but this time holding a surprise up its sleeve.

In collaboration with Bucharest Gaming Week, ESL SEC is bringing its first ever CS:GO Invitational! With more than 50,000€ up for grabs and with teams from all over Europe competing for the lion’s share of the prize pool, the competition is going to be as fierce as it will ever get!


A total of 224 teams signed up for the Invitational’s two open qualifiers. A staggering 191 of them checked in and landed into the battlefield, to fight for six precious playoff spots from the 10th till the19th of November. Having teams representing numerous European cities, this tournament raises the bar of competitive environment within the region, delivering great moments and close battles.


One Swedish, two Spanish, one Hungarian, two Finish, a German and a Serbian team took their seats, ready to jump into the playoff run. In the first Round of the Quarterfinals, Red Reserve fought against REVOLTE and they managed to kneel the latter down (2-0), leveling up their gameplay, having a great strategy and counting on sufficient communication. A pretty similar story erupted as Sprout was able to overcome MAD Lions resistance and advance (2-0) into the Semifinals.

The Serbian representative, Valiance & CO and the second Spanish team, Movistar Riders grabbed the third map against both Finish teams, SuperJymy and Minttu respectively, in order to book their tickets for the Semifinals, after fighting close and hard battles.


Red Reserve came up against Valiance as Movistar Riders fought against Sprout. The Swedish team, having the momentum of their Quarterfinals great performance, was able to outplay Valiance and secure that third map that gave them their spot to the Finals. A well-oiled machine, answering to the name of Sprout, also snatched the third map to take down the Spanish brigade of Movistar Riders. Movistar fought hard, but the Germans were able to overcome and clutch map three, to secure their Grand Finals advance.


Both Finalists had one goal, and one goal only: to secure the single spot leading to the LAN event in Bucharest, alongside yours SEC CS:GO Champion and the two invited powerhouses. The fight that erupted was hard, for both of these teams.

Constantly outplaying one another, they delivered a great show to the viewers, knowing that this is their moment. However, Sprout’s gameplay superiority was out of the question. The Swedish tried their best but they were unable to secure a map, going down 3-0. In conclusion, Sprout was able to secure the last remaining spot, booking Red Reserve a ticket back to practice field, in order to prepare for their fights to come.


Four teams now remaining into this run and they will face each other, in front of a roaring crowd, at Romexpo, in the beautiful European capital, Bucharest. In less than 12 days, two invited teams, Sprout, and yours eighth season SEC CS:GO Champions will fight for glory and the lion’s share of 50,000€! If you don’t wanna miss any news, follow our Facebook page for more!


ESL SEC is more than just a competition. It’s a competitive habit, a tournament that fosters the competitive scene in the region. Don’t miss any of the action! If you don’t want to stay behind and be the first to receive updates about your favorite games, follow us on Social Media and never miss one!

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