“Never give up, always improve” - A glimpse of AVANGAR’s glory

“Never give up, always improve” - A glimpse of AVANGAR’s glory

We are more than delighted to present you one of the two invited teams for Bucharest Gaming Week Invitational Final Four, AVANGAR.

The men behind the name

AVANGAR is a Kazakh world class e-sports team, originated back to the summer of 2017. Being practically new to the scene was never a liability for the organization since they have a significant amount of achievements to present. An interesting trivia should be mentioned; the team had the youngest average age of a professional CS:GO team during its original iteration.

At Kazakhstan, there are no obstacles that could protect the country from cold air masses of polar or Siberian origin, while in summer the hot winds from the deserts of Iran can blow. People at AVANGAR, being well aware of that situation, injected the team with the same rough texture, which created a “never give up, always improve” philosophy for their squads.


Their first ever CS:GO appearance at a big stage was at August 2017 in Moscow, when they occupied the second spot at Binary Dragons Prestige LAN. It took AVANGAR almost two months to meet their expectations and conquer their first minor, the CIS Minor (ELEAGUE Major 2018) in Bucharest, at late October 2017. Ever since then, this great CS:GO squad participated in numerous minors and majors, including finishing at the 13th-16th place of IEM Katowice 2018, that took place last February in Poland.  


Nevertheless, their quest for glory and recognition throughout the world has just started. They present a high level of competitiveness in their gameplay, based on their individual skill, but even more on their great communication and strategic selections, as a team. Of course, props should be given to the coaching staff, which plays the role of the architecture of their constant improvement in the battlefield.


According to hltv.org, they managed to peak at #15 of Global Rankings and stayed at that position for two weeks. They are currently standing at the 19th Global position, being able to win more than 65% of their games, enjoying a 1.11 K/D ratio. Armed with passion, devotion, loads of individual skill, great teamwork and communication, they are more than a really dangerous team for every opponent that will stand in their way.

ROSTER: fitch, buster, KrizzeN, qikert, Jame


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