Michael "axtremes" harmse

Michael “axtremes” Harmse is a Counterstrike: Global Offensive commentator, analyst, desk host and interviewer from South Africa. When he's not dodging hungry lions, he's either casting CS:GO or writing about it for GINX Esports TV, Esports Central and GameNation.

Shaun “Profeci” Murrell

CounterStrike: Global Offensive analyst and Dota 2 commentator or analyst. Shaun loves understanding and interpreting the intricacies of each game, and conveying that to the audience in a light-hearted yet professional manner.

Paul "werty" Aurelian

CS:GO caster who entered the casters' scene in April 2017, ascending his way towards the end of the year to be the most popular CS:GO caster in Romania, with 37,000 followers on YouTube. He provided Romanian coverage for ESL Southeast European Championship Season V and VI and now he is back for Season VII.

Baro "Pougljeni Mrav" Barukčić

I'm a 28-year-old CS:GO caster from Zagreb, Croatia. My life-long dream has been to do something with my voice, like casting, narrating or similar. Unfortunately, I never got the chance to do anything like that, so when I saw the opportunity to cast my favorite game since childhood in September 2015, it felt only natural to give it a go. Now I'm casting regional matches for CSAdria organization and I just love it.

Bence "PiciBear" Bodor

Has been working as a Hungarian CS:GO caster since June 2017. While attending school, he is also working for Hungarian Esport TV, which brings esports tournaments to the Hungarian audience in their mother tongue. There we cast international events organized by ESL and we also broadcast regional events whenever a Hungarian team participates in a competition or tournament, for example ESL SEC. Has have some experience in being an observer from the Hungarian Qualifiers of the V4 Future Sports Festival.

GERGŐ “leszklareN” MAROS

In 2017 May, he decided to cast in English professional CS:GO matches which had public GOTV usually on HLTV, because he had free time, and was interested in casting matches. Main game for him is CS:GO (earlier casted when avaukabke Call of Duty 4 online cups), but nowadays the interested shifted towards Rainbow Six Siege. In February he had the opportunity to cast for the Hungarian Esport TV on trial basis, and on 6th of March he joined as a full member of the team.

Róbert "orobeRto" Oláh

The founder of the current Hungarian Esport TV in 2012. Together with his other colleagues worked like volunteers to help grow the Hungarian e-sport through the years until Esport1 Ltd. saw potential in their talent. He has mainly broadcasted FPS games, but he tried Hearthstone as well. With time, he realized Iheshould stay with CS:GO, Overwatch, etc., because he was the guy who could actually hype the crowd and the viewers during his play-by-play. ​


GplayTV brings together the most interesting of the international eSport scene, the most popular Bulgarian gaming faces and the biggest tournaments in Bulgaria.

Toni Jurić

Hi. I'm Toni but mostly known as MrJurich. I've been casting CS for 2 years now and trying to improve Adria scene as much as I can. Besides CS I'm studying at University of Dubrovnik and working as Radio DJ/Host at local radio station.


22 year old from Athenes who studies History and Archeology, gamer since 2002, ESL Admin and streamer. Excited with the grow of e-sports in the last few years and wants to help at growing it in the region as well.
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