The Return of the Championship

The Return of the Championship

It is our Anniversary and we couldn't be happier with Season X just outside the door! The longest-running multigame esports competition for the geographical region of Southeast Europe is coming back!

Planning for the Future, Learning from the Past!

ESL Southeast Europe Championship started its journey a long way back, in May 2015. Back then, esports enjoyed recognition, but they were nowhere near to what they are today, an entertainment industry, with millions of viewers around the globe. Zooming back in our region, ESL SEC jumped in the train, sporting a rather significant part; bringing grassroots esports to every team and player in the region.

“ESL SEC is introducing its 10th season, filled with more competitiveness, more passion and even more stories that are yet to be told.”

Carrying double digits of experience, SEC has some new surprises to offer. Let’s dive on in, to have a closer look.


Locked and loaded once again and CS:GO returns on ESL SEC for yet another season. A prize pool of 5.000€ is patiently waiting to be claimed.

Five invited teams and three more, that will fight their way through two Qualifiers, starting in September, will face each other on a double round-robin group stage. The best team will advance straight to the Offline Finals and will book their tickets for the Bucharest Gaming Week, between the 9th and 10th of November. The remaining top four will have to joust hard for the second offline ticket and of course, their chance to claim their share of the prize pool.

Do you have the ambition, the aim, and the nerves to face the opposition? Are you the IGL that your team needs to succeed? Because, if you do, this November, the Palace of Parliament, in Bucharest, Romania, is waiting for you.


Our second signature game is also coming back for yet another season in the Summoners Rift!

Five invited and three qualified teams will battle it out in the online arena of the Summoners Rift for the SEC crown and the lion’s share of the 4.000€ prize pool. However, the three qualified teams have to earn their spot first, through the two open qualifiers, starting on the 14th of September. 

With the completion of the Qualifier stage, the eight teams will prepare for the Regular Season. Their battles will determine who will be in the Finals, through a Playoff double elimination system.

Do you have what it takes to win? Grab your team, sign up and seize the opportunity to face some of the best teams in the Region.


Our newcomer is ready to make an entrance; ESL SEC introduces its first-ever Brawl Stars season.

Kicking it off on the 31st of August, two open Qualifiers will determine the twelve teams that get to advance to the Regular Season. Each region will have at least two representatives that will be split into two groups. 

Through the double round-robin group stage, the Top Three teams will advance to the Playoffs, with the best team from each group having 1 round advantage on the bracket. 

The teams will not only be fighting for the lion’s share of the 6.000€ prize money but also for the golden ticket to Bucharest Gaming Week Offline Final, on the 9th and 10th of November. 

Gather your team, gear up and be ready. This is your time to make the difference. This is your time for glory!

Keep in mind, qualifiers' signups will open real soon, so buckle up!


Last but not least, ESL SEC’s 10th season would be no more than an idea without our Sponsors and Partners. Pringles, who have been supporting us from Season IX and Bucharest Gaming Week who have been our hosts for our two previous offline seasons, Season VI and VIII. Lastly, SEC’s anniversary season couldn’t be hosted anywhere else but at the biggest building in the whole Europe, The Palace of the Parliament!


ESL SEC is more than just a competition. It’s a competitive habit, a tournament that fosters the competitive scene in the region. Don’t miss any of the action! If you don’t want to stay behind and be the first to receive updates about your favorite games, follow us on Social Media and never miss one!

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