On their way to the Palace of the Parliament!

On their way to the Palace of the Parliament!

Its ESL Southeast Europe Championship Finals time! Pros and their teams, from all around the region, fought well and still fighting, walking down the path that leads to the Finals for each game; Brawl Stars, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and League of Legends. Let's dive on in!


It’s Playoffs time! So far BLUEJAYS esports are looking dominant, topping the standing with 30 points and 10 consecutive wins and they locked their spot at the Offline Finals! Former Champions FATE and Salamander Gaming are after them, with 24 and 18 points respectively, with 8-2 and 6-4 scoreline. Nexus is occupying the fourth place, with 12 points, having a 4-6 record. 

Dawn of Stars and Agility fought hard for the last spot of the Knockout Stage! They were looking to break their losing streak and secure their first wins on the Group Stage. However, they managed to secure one map each and obtained 3 points. 

BLUEJAYS and Salamander Gaming were not messing around, as they secured their games against both Dawn of Stars and Agility. Tie-breaker rules applied and Dawn of Stars reached the wire first with a round advantage at Score Difference category, letting Agility out of the competition. 


Eight teams advanced at the Season X's Playoff Stage. Random 5 and Asus Rog Elite are dominating the competition and they met at the Upper Final. Asus Rog Elite secured the series with a 2-0 and advanced to the Grand Final! Random 5 will have to face Nexus on the Lower bracket for a ticket to the Finals.

For the history of the second chance bracket, aka lower bracket, Intrepid Fox lost 2-1 against LEVELUP, and Nexus met WiLD by Lagardere Sports, securing a 2-0. Both Intrepid Fox and Nexus had lost 2-1 to Asus Rog Elite and Random 5, with a 2-1 scoreline. The winners faced each other with a single goal; to advance at the lower bracket final, which will determine who will be the second Grand Finalist. Nexus came up prepared eliminating LEVELUP with a 2-0!


Walking into the 10th anniversary of the ESL SEC, we had the pleasure to enjoy our first Brawl Stars tournament. 12 teams fought against each other to top their Groups and advance to the Playoff Stage. 6000BGN and The Mighty Hungarians didn't drop a single game, occupying the number one spot for Group A and B respectively. ScoobySquad and Av3ngers (Group A), Gavri S Dinozavri and Outplayed EU (Group B) also punched their tickets to the Knockout Stage, finishing top 3 of their groups. 

Moving into the Playoff Stage, 6000BGN dominated the upper bracket, winning every single one of their games, and found themselves with a spot at the Offline Finals. The Might Hungarians are looking for revenge, after their 3-1 loss on the upper final. Following their fall to the lower bracket, Av3ngers were unable to find the win, and The Might Hungarians are set to meet 6000BGN at the Offline Finals!


ESL SEC is more than just a competition. It's a competitive habit, a tournament that fosters the competitive scene in the region. Don't miss any of the action! If you don't want to stay behind and be the first to receive updates about your favorite games, follow us on Social Media and never miss one!

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